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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by macnjack, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Recently I made a discovery in my media playing setup that I'd like to share, hopefully saving others a headache in the future..

    I have a Sony BD-S580 Blu Ray Player, which has a DLNA renderer built-in. In order to save money I downloaded PS3 Madia Server, an open source an free DLNA server, on my Imac with Lion. All of my media has been transcoded using handbrake on the normal settings (h264, aac, mp4 container m4v extension).

    Problem was the bluray would read the files from the server and put (MEncoder) after the file names, but would say file format not recognized when I went to play them. Interestingly the bluray would label the files m2ts and would indicate the MEncoder was required to play them,

    To solve the problem, turn off MEncoder in PS3 Media Server. Go to the transcoding settings, highlight MEncoder, and hit the X at the bottom. My bluray now shows all the files as mp4, not m2ts and works great.

    Hope it works for others. And I've tested this on the linux, windows, and mac builds (1.5) for PS3 Media Server.
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    wish i knew this 2 weeks ago before i bout a twonky license.

    i will have to give it a try
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    I've always been curious about trying DLNA streaming but while a bit more robust, my Sony BDP-S770 is a great player (and pricey) with built in storage for buffering. the wonderful part? Built in wireless :)

    I to be honest, have no idea how to get something like this to work. I would love to stream content from my MBP to it or even try using my PS3 but HD content is out of the question until I get a newer router. While I have a nice D-Link (T-Mobile hotspot @ home) for use with my phone, I really need to move back to Wireless N.

    Back on topic, does anyone here have a Sony BDP-770 and can use DLNA with your Mac? My Apple TV is pretty much out as I have the old legacy original hotplate.
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    Did your movie files needed to be changed to mp4 or will it recognize m4v? I have both Linux and win7 systems I could use this with. Currently using iTunes for win7 but would be great to get away from iTunes.
    Currently have a S360 Sony blu ray players too.
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    Just for the sake of keeping standards, I changed the extensions to .mp4 with no adverse effects.

    Been playing some rips on my BlackBerry PlayBook and it has no trouble with .mp4 but then again, I haven't tried m4v. My Sony S-770 on the other hand, has had no problem with .mp4 video but gives me an error with m4v.

    I may just need to run a firmware update and that should change the results. I'm just afraid that I will lose support to watch my older video CD's that I used to collect when I had a 3DO. One of which is Pirates of Silicon Valley.

    The video container on those is a .dat which no other modern player has been able to run.

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