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DLO introduces nanoShell casesn for iPod nano

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Category: 3rd Party Hardware
    Link: DLO introduces nanoShell casesn for iPod nano
    Description:: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) today introduced the nanoShell line of cases for the iPod nano. The nanoShell is a clear protective jewel case for the nano that can be worn on the hip, carried in hand, or placed in a pocket or bag. The nanoShell cases come in 5 different shades: Crystal Clear, Tech Lime, Indigo Blue, Perfect Purple and Pretty in Pink.

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    (Typo: casesn?)

    Can we please get links that don't open new windows? I know I can right-click and select "Open Link in New Tab", but opening new windows is not expected behavior for links...

    (please note the irony that my own link pops a new window, but I have no control over it)

    Also, I know a lot of people hate Jakob Nielsen, but he's right on a few things.
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    why don't you just drag the link into the tab bar? assuming you use safari that is, i don't know about other browsers.
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    And back to the topic...

    Cute, but their pending lawsuits (re. patents) against DVForge and Griffin Tech force me to think of two common words... <expletive deleted> off!
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    Because that's as non-standard as right-clicking and selecting "Open Link in New Tab". A link should simply link to a page, not open a new window or new tab.
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    Indeed, wasn't it DLO who sued some other company because they have a patent on "charger+FM transmitter"? How can you patent such an obvious idea? The patent system needs a complete rehaul (right word?).
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    If you click the link on the actual macbytes page you don't open a new window... but if you click it in the forum you do get a new window. I hate to burst your bubble but majority of forums use the "open links in new windows" method.
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    So? "Everybody does it so it's ok" now...? Can I remind you this is the same argument PC users use all the time? ;)

    My point is: I don't care if all forums do it, they shouldn't. A Link is supposed to move you to that link, not open a new window/tab for it.
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    And it should do this because you say so???
    Why would you want a link in a forum to replace the current page contents so you then have to navigate back to the forum and find where you left off in a thread after you read what is usually a multi-page link?

    I am so grateful you don't have any control over how things in the world work. And your PC user argument... please. Your view of how the internet is "supposed to work" is severely skewed.

    Sorry to all for taking this off topic, I'll just let this die.
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    Nice color range ... I'd go for the blue.
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    Or middle click with a scroll mouse. ;)

    (or command click)

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