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Do full screen apps necessitate a notification system in Lion?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Sky Blue, Oct 20, 2010.

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    Sky Blue

    So I'm watching the demo today and the thing that strikes me about full screen apps (I'm expecting a full screen Mail app like the iPad, full screen calendar, full screen Safari etc. etc.) is that you are kind of separated from what else is going on on your Mac (bouncing dock icons, windows in the background etc.).

    I realize that Mission ContrLOL is there to allow you to move between apps easily but if I'm in full screen Safari or iPhoto and I get a new email, I don't want to have to multi touch my way over to Mail to see what that email is.

    I'm thinking that Apple are developing a Growl-esque notification system, not only for iOS devices but also OS X Lion.

    If so, this makes even more sense.
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    They should just buy Growl.
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    Sky Blue

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    I think it has 90% chances to be there. Maybe 95%. And it would be SO useful. But I hope it won't be like it is on the iPhone, I'd prefer something customizable like Growl. But it's Apple so I can't bet on that last thing :(
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    I second the suggestion to buy out Growl. It is my favorite notification system. It should be part of OS X by default.
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    Sky Blue

    I would think whatever new notification system that (i hope) they are working on for iOS would also be implemented in Lion. But, yeah, something Growl-like and very customizable would be great.

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    It would more likely be the "Smoke" theme... much more iOS like.

    Capture d’écran 2010-10-26 à 18.45.49.png
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    Yeah thats more like Apple ;)
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    Sky Blue

    I guess not :(
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    Well for me, that's the whole reason why I go fullscreen, to not be distracted by bouncing icons and popup messages.
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    No need to buy out, Growl is BSD licensed..
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    Sky Blue

    AppleInsider has a piece on notifications being in Lion:

    Maybe apple are waiting to unveil the new iOS notifications before rolling out the OS X version.
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    If apple does implement this, I think it may look like the current Xcode 4 notification system (looks a lot like Growl's smoke theme)
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    Sky Blue

    Look like it's there:


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