Do I have the world record for battery cycles on the 2012 MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Jobsian, May 7, 2013.

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    I feel I may be at least close, currently sitting on 380

    Let's see 2011 and 2010 contenders too. Screenshots welcome, I'll post mine if there're any challengers :)

    God I'm bored lol
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    Not by a long shot, just a few days ago someone (MR User here) had ~1100 in less than 2 years.
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    How is anyone bored these days?

    What is the world record? Is there actually one?
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    Trust me, Mate...time to get out of the house for a bit!;)
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    What is your battery health?

    How do you use your MBA? Plugged in, let the battery drain, mix of both? I'd be genuinely interested to know :)
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    Sitting at 551. Mid 2012 11"
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    Battery health 88% but it flucutuates (usually above 90%). Basically I surf with it unplugged about 98% of the time, it's just so light and portable I can take it with me anywhere in the house or outside!


    Wow, you're the record holder for 2012 MBAs so far :) I'm guessing a frequent flyer...?
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    My average is about 200 cycles/year. I remember when LION were good for 400 cycles only and I replaced my batt every 2 years almost on the dot.
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    What about the opposite direction?

    I only have 30 cycles on my 2011 11" Air. :)
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    I have 10 cycles on my 2011 13" Air.
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    Not something u want to brat about.

    Sounds like the retiree who keeps a 1976 Impala pristine and just takes it out for the oil change! :D
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    I have ~40 on my 2012 MBA.

    I use it almost everyday. I keep it plugged in when on the couch.
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    Thats actually bad for the battery, its best to charge it up than use it unplugged tell its almost dead and so on. Gives you better battery life in the long run.
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    Anonymous Freak

    When I got my original MBP in 2006, I was fully draining a battery over once a day. In one year, I put ~300 cycles on one battery, about 200 on the second.

    Before I retired it as my 'day-to-day' computer in 2010, I had gone through 7 batteries. It is now my wife's main computer, normally plugged in, and has now operated just fine for three years on battery 8.
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    and then yells at empty chairs;)
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    Age is 9.3 months, and I have 152 cycles. Battery health is 90%. I keep it plugged in most of the time when at home.
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    That is not true. You are adding more wear to the battery by charging it to full, depleting it completely and charging it again. It is best to use the battery whenever you wish to use it... as well as depleting it down at least once a month. By using the battery all the time and staying plugged in only for charging, you are adding unnecessary wear. The more cycles, the shorter the lifetime.
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    2.5 year old 2010 13" MBA with 337 cycles and 91% health.

    I keep it plugged in when I can, top it off and shut the machine down nightly to keep the cycles down. I do a deep-discharge using Caffeine every two months or so, to recalibrate and exercise all of the Li-ion cells in the battery.

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    2012 11" MBA, 9.9 Months, 204 Cycles, 93%. Percent has been ranging between 91%-95% for the last 5 charge cycles.
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    2012 Macbook Air 13"

    Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 17.05.23.png

    The Health has been fluctuating between 88-91% lately

    Going to have a look at where I stored my CoconutBattery files...
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    87 on my 13" rMBP (purchased in November 2012)
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    126 cycles on 13" 2011 Air, Age of Mac is 12 months
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    As of 4/15/13, our MBA (original) has 739/300, with 84% capacity and Normal health. Lately, it's been going through a cycle/night.

    I'm bored too. ;)

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  24. 2IS
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    There's nothing in this thread worth bragging about actually.
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    I own several Macs, so none of them get used that much. My mid-2009 MBA 13 has 171 cycles and the battery is running between 88 and 85%.

    My "new" MBA 13 is a late 2010 model and has 53 cycles.

    My original (2008) MBA was a workhorse and had 228 cycles when it was retired due to flaky behavior, dead battery, and general indications that death was near.

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