Do I have to pull the RAM out that I installed before getting service?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Commodore, Feb 28, 2008.

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    So I have a phenomenally frustrating issue. Five of my keys do not work. I have to use the on-screen keyboard for those letters. I have a Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow. Do I have to replace the 2 GB of RAM that I put in myself with the 1 GB that it came with before going to the Apple Store? Because that would be a PITA... Thanks.
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    PITA? Why ?

    Takes all of couple of minutes and involves 3 screws ?

    Just take the original ram with you.
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    Generally, no unless it's a problem they could possibly blame on bad 3rd party RAM. This shouldn't be a problem in your case, however.
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    No you do not. THe RAM on a macbook is a user replacable part, and Apple does not care if you have third party RAM in it; they just won't service your computer if it's a RAM related issue which in this case i highly doubt it is.
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    Seating that damn bracket in the right spot so it closes properly is not easy. And getting the screws in and out is not a quick task. The whole process takes more than a couple of minutes.

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'll leave it in.
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    Another question: what am I likely to hear tomorrow when I take it in? I'm a grad student, and I have a huge two-day exam next week. I really can't be without my computer between now and then. Is there any possibility they will replace it on the spot and be done with it?
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    No, computers are rarely replaced, especially on the first visit.

    If the computer can be fixed in a reasonable amount of time they'll make the repairs while you wait; if the problem requires more extensive attention and/or time they make have it for as long as a week.

    If they decide it will require an overnight/multi-day stay, you'll have the option to take the computer back home and come back for the repairs later.
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    I meant "replace the keyboard." Hopefully that will be considered something that can be fixed in a "reasonable amount of time."
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    Then yes, there shouldn't be a problem with a same-day repair.
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    Be honest about the problem with them. Ask nicely. Grovel a little.

    All three will help in getting the problem fixed quicker.

    Just don't demand things or be a jerk. It will only make things worse.
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    I was having problems with the keyboard on my new Macbook that I got at the beginning of the month. I called apple care for the first time and they are replacing it with a new updated macbook. I love apple's customer service!

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