Do I have to repurchase iPhone apps for iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by lonman06, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Is there anyway of paying an upgrade fee for apps I have already purchased or do I have to pay full price for the same app again?

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    you can run iphone apps on the ipad

    you can buy dedicated ipad apps too
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    Of course you have to purchase them again.

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    Fixed that for you :p
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    So if I want to run the full screen ones I do. If not I'm stuck with the pixelated ones?
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    The iPod touch apps plays pretty good when you magnify it but some are pixelated. Am sure you have to pay for the iPad version.
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    You need to pay the full price for the iPad specific app. Some applications have a universal binary where the one app is optimized for both the iPad and iphone/ipod. But most of the big applications are separate and require repurchasing them.
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    you can run iphone apps at native size or full screen (which may be pixelated)
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    But what about apps for example, IM+. It has an iPhone version and an iPad specific version. Do you have to buy both if you want it for the iPhone and iPad
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    If you look at the iTunes store listing for IM+, it is only listed one time.

    The single listing contains info and screenshots for both the iPhone and iPad versions. This means that if you already own the iPhone version, you get the iPad version free.

    If it were listed as two separate apps, ie IM+ and IM+ HD, you would have to buy the iPad version too.
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    Are you really surprised?

    You purchased a version for the iPhone.
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    Anything in app purchased has to be repurchased. My COD map is not there. Nor can I buy the new map on the iPad. It will not connect to the store in the app.
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    What about Numbers? I bought it for the iPod Touch for on the go editing and controls. Can anyone tell me if I'm going to have to repurchase Numbers to get it on an iPad?
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    You can check the App Store and under the app description it will tell you the requirements and compatibility.
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    It depends on the app.

    I try to browse for apps on my iPad, because I can easily tell if they're compatible for both or not. If there's a + in the upper left corner of the box containing the price, the app works on both devices and doesn't require a repurchase. I bought the permium version of Docs to Go on my iPad and was able to install it on my iPhone without paying again. Quickoffice was not only more expensive, but it has separate versions for the iPad and iPhone, which factored into my decision of which one to get.

    In the App Store on your iPad, you can go to the purchased tab and see all the apps you've ever downloaded. In the top right there's a toggle for iPad/iPhone. Select iPad and it'll show you all the apps you've already downloaded that are compatible.

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