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Do I need to own iPad to publish an app for it?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by pinsrw, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I own too many gadgets and I'd like to avoid buying an iPad even though I want to write an app for it.
    Is there anything in the app developer agreement that requires me to own an iPad to publish an app for it?
    Isn't running my app in the simulator sufficient?

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    The vast majority of all apps first available for the iPad were developed before the iPad was even announced (e.g. most iPhone 2.0, 3G and 3GS apps run just fine on the iPad).

    As long as you don't depend on any of the special features of the iPad in any performance critical manner, testing on both a much slower device with less memory (a 3G) and on the Simulator may suffice. The iPad does have to push a lot more pixels, but if your app gets by on a 3G which pushes pixels much more slowly, it probably all evens out.

    Since handling the iPad feels different, you do risk your UI being sub-optimal (buttons in funny places for how the device is commonly held, etc.) You might be able to get by with a block of wood with printouts of your iPad UI pasted on it though.

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    Yep, making a printout was my plan. It's low tech but should work fine.

    Eventually I'll get a real iPad or iPod touch, but Apple really needs to spruce them up a bit with maybe cameras and FM radios. Until then, simulation & paper will have to do.
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    So, you don't have any devices to test your application? If so, two words: beta testers.
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    That's correct, but my iPad app is based on my Mac OS/X app, which I am using myself.
    Does the app store provide a mechanism for beta testing?
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    When using an actual iPad, instead not the simulator, you get much more response (for no better word) on how your app really works. For example, if you didn't get any memory warnings or app crashes in the simulator, it may happen on the real device.
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    Dangerous. There are performance limitation and memory limitations in the iDevices that could surprise you. A particular, say, graphics sequence could run a little faster or well over 10X slower on an iPad than on a Mac. There are also features and UI (multitouch, etc.) that can't be simulated.

    At least get an old used iPod Touch (from eBay, et.al.) for some testing.
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    No. But these forums do, in a way. You are permitted to seek beta testers for your app. Start a thread asking for volunteers. Probably best to do this in the iPhone and iPod touch Apps or iPad Apps forums. Then, you'll want to create an ad-hoc distribution of your app for them.

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