Do iBook G4s smell bad, or just G3s?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Toe, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Toe
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    I've worked with two iBook G3s (the later white G3 variety, 500-800 MHz) that have a very strong chemical smell like slightly melted plastic or stale sweat or something.

    I've done a little Googling and found other people complaining of the same thing, but they all seem to have G3 iBooks.

    Is this odor still an issue with the iBook G4?

    I need to buy a laptop for someone, and don't want to subject them to that stench. For the chemically sensitive, it is really overpowering...

    Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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    mad jew

    My iBook G4 doesn't really smell all that much. If I get really close (nose on the keyboard) I can make out the smell of plastic and that's about it. I do wash my hands before using it though.

    I imagine if I used it for pr0n, it could smell a little different though...
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    Probably stale sweat. I reccomend everyone wipe their palm rest on their ibooks after every use.
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    my ibook smells fine and so does my dads 900mhz g3 ibook
  5. Toe
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    Interesting... I dug a little deeper and found this thread on themacintoshguy:
    Still makes me wonder if the G4s are different. I would presume Apple figured it out and did something about it...?
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    My G4 doesn't smell bad and I've used some G3's before and they don't smell bad either, at least when I was using them. I wouldn't worry about it....
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    I once was using my iBook in a class, and it smelled horrible - like rotting manure. I realized it wasn't my iBook and instead a dead rat behind a cabinet in the room.

    So yeah, iBooks don't smell bad.
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    I suppose you should be cleaning it more thoroughly if you're using it for that, to get rid of the sticky keys as well as the scent...
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    mad jew


    But I said I don't use it for that. How did she know? She must be eliminated! Fly my pretties! Ahh, say your good-byes vniow. Mwahahahaha!
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    Funny...mine smells like an iBook.
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    My iBook G3 never smelled bad, any my iBook G4 just has a bit of new computer smell if you get up really close.
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    Only their performance stinks. :D
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    My G3 ibook is fine and I havent noticed any problems with the G4's
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    My G3 iBook farted all the time, thats why I had to sell it.

    Oh wait, that was me.
  15. Toe
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    Hm. I wonder if the smell is in part a function of the sensitivity of the user...?

    The two iBooks I have dealt with that I found to be unbearably stinky were not at all bothersome to their regular users.

    If you tend to use strongly scented colognes, deodorants, shampoos, laundry detergents, soaps, etc.; or if you don't mind air fresheners and other strong artificial smells, then perhaps you wouldn't notice this smell at all.

    Does that modify anyone's answer?

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    It would probably smell if you had sweaty hands and never cleaned it.
  17. Toe
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    From reading other threads about it, I am pretty sure the cause is a plastic sticker under the keyboard. People report that replacing the keyboard fixes the issue.

    I assume that Apple no longer uses that sticker (or more precisely, the glue on it), but I dunno for sure.

    Guess I'll find out. :/
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    My new iBook G4 smells great . . .
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    My wife's 3 year old iBook G3 (CompUSA display) still smells new when you sniff close to it and both of our new iBooks still smell new.
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    Mine smells fine after 9 months . . .


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