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Do Powerbooks automatically change DVD regions?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by colinp, Jan 2, 2006.

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    My girlfriends Powerbook is from Japan, so is region 2. I tried putting in an iDVD made DVD from my US (region 1) Powerbook and it came up with a screen saying it wasn't compatible (I thought iDVD made region free DVDs... I chose NOT to change her Powerbooks region.

    After taking the DVD out and putting it back in a few more times (always choosing NOT to change the region), I decided to try running it in VLC. It worked in VLC. I decided to try other region 1 DVDs, and they all worked. I thought that was a bit fishy, and I found that her powerbook is now region 1. Did VLC automatically change the settings of the Powerbook? Does Apple have it set to automatically change after a few attempts? Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No you have to manually change it and put your password in.
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    Doesnt it lock after 5 trys :confused:
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    Something like that.
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    Lock as in it changes automatically, but if I were to put in another region 2 disc I would be able to switch it back (albeit after using up one of the 5 changes)..?

    Thanks sagain for the help!
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    The drive will not be able to be changed (locked) after setting it 5 times.

    Example -
    1st: Region 2
    2nd: Region 1
    3rd: Region 5
    4th: Region 3
    5th: Region 4

    It will be region 4 forever more (unless you hack and flash it). Never heard of a drive switching without user input. Are you sure you didn't okay it to switch the region on one of the "in & outs"?
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    Your home-made DVDs should be region-free :confused:
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    How to "hack and flash it"?

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    Depends on the drive. The easiest is to mount the drive in a PC and run a software script through windows. There's some Mac based flashers but not many. They have to be specifically for your drive, if not all hell can break loose. Also, if there's any hiccup the drive is toast. Google: flash DVD drive, and I imagine there'll be tonnes of links to work you through it
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    vlc doesnt care about regions... dvd player does
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    On the DVD side, you can strip the region code with MacTheRipper, and reburn the image for a region-free DVD.
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    That's what he thought too. ;)

    Just checked one of mine, yup definitely region free. weird.:confused: Perhaps the drive itself if flaky?

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    Yeah, I was confirming it, although the :confused: didn't help.

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