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Do Things, Pages, Numbers, etc. ever go on sale?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Shoechick, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Wondered if these types of Apps ever go on sale like the Games do?

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    None of the ones you mentioned have ever gone on sale. As for the Apple ones, it seems unlikely they ever will. In the case of Things, it's been available for at least a couple of years, and I've never noticed it on sale. Others of that 'type', yes, will go on sale as with any other App Store item.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Now I know I won't wait if I want them.
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    Try Appshopper, it keeps track of app prices and can let you know if an app you want drops in price.
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    Or wait for an iTunes giftcard for Christmas. Then it's free. :)
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    And for some reason, they almost never get any updates either :(

    Feels as if Apple as so stretched trying to do too many things at once that they just don't have time.
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    I worry about that too, sometimes. They seem to like to keep their teams small, and apparently pull engineers off one project (e.g. Final Cut Pro) to work on something else that has to ship sooner. The Remote app didn't get updated for over a year because it was developed by one guy, and that guy was busy doing other stuff.

    But then also I ask myself, how often to things like Pages on the Mac get updated? Not so often, I think. But the updates are pretty significant when they happen. So far, the updates to the iWork apps on the iPad have been pretty trivial. So I'm hoping maybe a bigger jump is about to happen, coinciding with the release of iWork 11 in the Mac App Store. In a little over a week, right?

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