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Do you believe the newer MAC's are as solid as the old G4 Powerbooks?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by one1, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I have seen battery issues with low cycles before dying off, hardware and software issues left and right. Do you think that Apple still has a way to go working on getting the newer books to be as dependable as the old G4 Powerbooks?

    I'm not saying there weren't ANY issues with the G4, but they are famous for holding up over the test of time and by now they pretty much run seamlessly with hardware and software.
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    mad jew

    They were around forever, in technology terms. It's no wonder they're so reliable, since the engineers have all had so much experience with them.
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    My MacBook Pro has been very solid, I haven't had many issues with it at all. You probably get that impression because people are more prone to write about their bad experiences than their good ones.
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    That's pretty much where I am heading with this. It seems like there are still some issues to work past with the newer books, but I don't think they are there yet.

    At the rate that apple is progressing with the books, I'm thinking one more year and the intel books will be cheap enough and issues hammered out enough to justify buying them over the 1.67 Powerbooks. (I need dependability over light speed)

    The 1.67 Powerbooks aren't slow and they are tried and trusty, solid with no bugs. Upgrading to the newer intel books is a fine idea as long as they work some of the issues out that still exist. They did a good job on working most of the issues so far. (batteries, conflicts, etc)

    I've watched friends go through the intel growing pains so I have been watching closely waiting on the right time to buy. My two 12" Ibooks and trusty 17" Powerbook have never let me down so far, but I am ready to jump another step.
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    I think the G4 PowerBook that I'm writing on right now is about 5 years old. It's had 1 hard drive replacement and 1 optical drive replacement and that's it. It's been extremely reliable as far as I'm concerned.

    mad jew has an iBook of some kind if I remember correctly. I've always assumed the reason why he hangs on to it is because he's smart. ;)
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    The Powerbooks were around for a while and Apple was able to work out issues with them. That said I am really enjoying my MBP. The this is solid. I also remember reading a story about a MBP in Brazil that took a bullet and still worked perfectly, minus the cosmetic damage, I'd say thats pretty solid construction.
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    Out of interest, are you using forums, sites with editorial control like Macintouch and Macfixit, or a combination of the two to get your info.
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    2.5 year old PowerBook G4, not a single issue.

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    the new macs are just fine in comparison, the powerbooks were great, but there is better factory tools and R&D now
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    My PBG4 was reliable up until the RAM slot stopped recognizing. 2 mobo's later and now Apple is replacing it with a MBP. I hope it's as reliable, this board has scared the hell out of me. I'll miss my G4 :(
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    I would serously advise you to look at sites like Macintouch which has editorial control and a more sober approach.

    That's why I asked the OP what he was relying to get his information from - although forums are handy for information, they can be handy for misinformation too; one example is the two unsafe magsafe threads - Apple phased out the older design six months ago, but if you read them, you would be forgiven for thinking it's a current problem and only a matter of time before it happens to you; on the plus side, one poster was delighted when I told him he could get his affected magsafe replaced for free, something he didn't know.
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    No problems at all with my 17" Merom.

    I think it's all just a mind thing because the G4 was around for so long and the updates didn't necessarily come out every 5-6 months like they do now that they are running on Intel. I think Apple has to try to keep up now with the PC makers and perhaps somethings are rushed a bit, but overall the Intels are just as stable if you ask me.
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    Problems, no matter how major or insignificant, will always cause people to post more and vent about their feelings and misgivings. However, I have read enough praiseworthy comments here from MBP owners that attest to their love affairs with their Mac notebooks. That leads me to conclude that despite expected kinks and assembly flaws, the MBP line is by no means inherently inferior to its predecessor.
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    mad jew


    Haha! In a fit of stupidity, I sold her. I kinda half wish I hadn't, but I just didn't really need her anymore considering iRis the iMac (G5) is more than enough Mac for me. She was one of the very first G4 iBooks with absolutely no problems. :)
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    But my MBP is SO MUCH faster than my old PB G4 1.5ghz, there is no comparision. This is a desktop class computer in a even thinner case.
    1.5ghz w/167mhz fsb vs 2.0 dual core /667 mhz fsb, I think I take the risk.

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