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Do you eat same food every day?

Discussion in 'Community' started by YS2003, May 15, 2005.

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    I do, most of the time. A couple of low fat yogurt and 3 or 4 slices of low calory whole wheat bread with penut butter thinly spread over in the morning (penut butter has good essential vitamins and protein). No lunch (except for business lunch, which happens about a few times a quarter). A few bananas for snacking. For dinner, a bowl of salada with low fat chicken strips (not fried) or a few cans of tuna for appropriate dosage of protein. When I eat out for business, I usually pick fish (salmon) because I don't want to cook fish at my place bececause it stinks up) and because it has good fat for your heart.
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    I've become partial to two toasted ham and cheese toasties every lunch time during the week :eek: :D
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    i am constantly eating ham and cheese hot pockets. ham and muenster cheese sandwhiches on wheat bread and ALWAYS beef and chicken flavored ramen along with a nice cold diet coke to wash it down
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    Beef and Chicken Ramen keeps me alive :D

    I rarely eat breakfast, but when I do it's almost CERTAINLY an egg and cheese on a bagel, sometimes with sausage, sometimes without.

    Lunch is whatever's at school that day.
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    YS are you eating enough? If that's all you're eating, it's way below 1500 calories a day, and given that women should be eating around 2000 and men around 2500, that's not healthy longterm - unless you live such a sedentary lifestyle that you don't move.

    And no, I try to eat a variety of foods since food shouldn't just be fuel, you've got to have some pleasure in eating it. ;) Tho I do try to be reasonably sensible in what I eat avoiding too much fatty fried foods and eating a decent amount of fruit and vegetables.
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    When I was a student, I was on the same diet (ramen). As I get older, I cannot touch that thing now because of high salt and bad fat/cholestrol content, and high calories. As far as Bagel is concerned, I hope someone will market bagels made with whole wheat.
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    Depends a lot on the particulars
    Low fat yogurt if it is sweetened and with fruit can be high calorie, so are the bananas.

    YS: You'd be better off with twice the peanut butter and half the bread.
    Yours is commendably low in saturated fat, looks like you are careful to get enough fish and chicken protein, but your carbs are all simple (bread, banana, sweetener in yogurt if any). Try adding a veggie stir fry to that mix with almost-raw broccoli, beans, sprouts etc. More polyunsturated and monosaturated fat in the form of olive oil, flax oil or nuts wouldn't hurt either -add some almonds and a oil and vinegar dressing to the salad. Eggs if you like them are good.
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    I rarely eat breakfast as well but my local Pret does a yoghurt with mixed berries and granola which I eat every day, without fail, about 10.30. They're so good, and relatively healthy. And I agree with Applespider YS you need to eat more
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    I think my calory intake is around 2000 or a little more (if you throw in a few low cal light beer). So far I was able to keep my weight around 130 lbs. to 135 lbs. and I lift 25 lbs dumb bells for my upper torso and arms and use one of those dumb bells for ab crunch. I have two scales (one is analog and the other for digital with body mass measurements) to make sure I don't go below 130 lbs.
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    Sadly, as I never bring a lunch and Skyline Chili is the nearest place to where I work, I eat a skyline chili deluxe burrito a good 60% of my working days this year. I think my record was 9 working days in a row.

    I feel bad (like withdrawel) bad when I don't have it. I've started to limit myself, since it's hard to quit it cold turkey like I've tried.

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    Actually, I buy it mostly for the noodles.

    When I make ramen, I cook the noodles, then toss all that water, and add about a cup and a half of boiling water that the noodles have not been cooked in, therefore getting rid of a whole bunch of fat you don't taste anyway. Then I add only some of the seasoning packet, and replace the rest with tamari.

    Gives you a healthier food, but the real reason I do it is because it tastes better :D
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    My daily snack at work is usually the same every day, unless one of the items is out of stock or I feel like getting something different. Other than that, my daily food intake is quite varied.
  13. Ugg
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    The only constant in my daily diet is two apples and rice milk with my ever changing supply of granola/cereal. I'm a big believer in diversity and a repetitive diet has a much greater chance of exposing a person to the negatives of any particular food. The more the body becomes dependent upon a few sources of food, the less likely it is to adapt well to stress.
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    YS thats a pretty good diet,if you need more calories your body will ask for them.Most westerners(not picking on septics) eat way to much.I've been a vegeterian for way too many years to remember and peanut butter,banana and wholemeal bread keeps me going during the day.Muesli ,banana and yogurt for breakfast and a biggish vege meal at night.
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    I doubt that anyone would drift in here willingly admitting to eat all their meals at Micky D's...lol It is called natural screening.
    ...and yes I too eat the same thing every day. Ok, it is healthy, but the reason why I do it has embarrasingly enough more about lazyness than concerns for my own health.
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    I eat basically the same foods every week, not necessarily every day though.... I do always eat an apple at lunch each day, and a small cup of cottage cheese, which I got a craving for a few months ago and haven't been able to shake the habit since. During the week for lunch I alternate between pb&j on whole wheat and tuna with sprouts on wheat. The people I work with always comment on the repetitiveness of what I eat, but hey, it does the trick for me. :)

    Oh, and though I never eat breakfast, I have to have a cup of hot chocolate every morning, even all summer long. Mainly because it's freezing in my office all the time and I'm always cold.
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    Typically, during the school year, breakfast and lunch are the same thing every day. I will almost always have some Captain Crunch/Pop-Tarts for breakfast, depending on what time of year it is. For lunch I will always have a turkey sandwich on white with mustard, a bag of chips, a rice krispie treat, and some water. Balanced indeed...;)
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    Not ham? :)
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    I have a banana for breakfast and an Innocent smoothie every day.

    Lunch is always huge and is a mixture of whatever I grab at the supermarket near the office or at the caff.

    I normally don't eat dinner unless I'm going out to meet a friend.
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    You would think, but my name really has nothing to do with ham. It is more of a homage to telemraketers, though I do enjoy a nice leg of ham every now n' then... :rolleyes:
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    It's good to hear there is other people who are on the similar diet. I thought I am too rigid on my diet program as I don't waver from it (no cookies, no cakes, no chocolate, no sweet condiments, except for low sugar/low fat yogurt and penut butter). When I don't partake a light beer, I will use a table spoonful of olive oil with canned tuna or wheat bread for better circulation. By the way, tonight is a light beer day.
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    Good call. Turkey is always good because it has protein and is low fat (it's a lean meat). Turkey is also my choice when available.
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    Hmm, My regular day of food.

    Wake up in the morning and eat Breakfast. Sometimes this is 2 Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Buttered Toast with Grape/Strawberry Jelly and a few glasses of sweet iced tea. And then other days it's two chicken biscuits and a 4-count Chicken-n-Mini Combo from Chick-Fil-A.

    For lunch I usually have whatever the school is cooking. It's generally pretty nasty, but by this time I'm starving so I'll eat just about anything.

    After school sometimes I'll stop by some place like Dairy Queen and get a large fry and eat them on my way to work. After works over I usually will go by either Zaxby's (If I go here I get either a Fried House Salad with a side of fries and another side of a Basket of Texas Toast) or Chick-Fil-A (One or Two #1 Combo's with a Large Lemonade.) Then after that I go home and sometimes will snack on some cereal or sunflower seeds. And somedays...If my mom cooks i'll eat w/e it is that she cooks.

    EDIT: Oh, Somtimes instead of Zaxby's & Chick-Fil-A I go to Burger King and get a King Sized Chicken Whopper. Also, if we have anything like Cake or Cookies at the house, I'll *sometimes* eat those. And, If we have some Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I'll eat the entire bag. It's my Favorite Candy. :)
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    Will someone admit that they eat this 1450 calorie burger (attached) everyday?

    And, you Europeans wonder why we are lard asses? :D

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  25. Lau

    I eat different stuff every day. Sometimes it's healthy, sometimes not. I try to avoid processed crap though. But one thing I do know, is that if I eat the same thing for more than a day or two, I get totally bored. Hey, if I walk the same way to college twice in a row I get bored easily.

    I think I may get bored easily. :p

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