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Do You Find Youself Using All of Your Hard Drive Space

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by youradhere4222, Feb 29, 2008.

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    I'm looking at purchasing a MacBook later, and keep switching back and forth.

    I love the black one, and will probably end up buying it. I have an iMac now with 250GB of space, and I doubt I'm using 50...

    I saw the black macbook has the same amount, how much of it do you find yourself actually using? What do you use it for?
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    I have the BlackBook 2.4 250GB HDD...

    and I have 201GB available, after all my software, music, movies and the formatted & bundled software. I keep most of my music, movies and media/graphic projects on an external hard drive and transfer it as needed. My BlackBook is 2-days old! :cool:
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    i have 780gb.
    500 and 120 gb external drives
    160 gb time machine
    50 gb for bootcamp stuff
    100 for files
    100 and something for music (fat32 so can put on windows)
    then in the 120
    3 partitions for bootable discs
    the rest has music and files in fat32

    on the 160 internal
    got like 80 used
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    I like that set-up Ben...

    is your 120GB a portable? :cool:
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    ya but thats the one i had to return the case for :(:(:(:(
    :DBut now im taking that money and buying a new second screen:D:D:D:D
    19" lcd 1440X900 under 200

    wanna see pics?
    i made a nice stan for both hdd's and my laptop with second screen :D
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    I only have a 60 GB hard drive and desperately need to buy myself an upgrade.
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    i filled up the 40GB on my toshiba, wasn't too difficult. still not sure what the hell is taking up all that space, there's about 16GB of music, i can't imagine there's over 20GB of programs, photos, documents, etc.

    i'm using 29GB on my macbook, and i haven't moved my itunes library over yet. 6GB of TV and about 1.5GB of music, i have no freaking clue what the rest is!
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    160 never gave me enough headroom so i'm saving for a 250g hd.i dont like external drives.
  9. McGiord, Feb 29, 2008
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    If you create a boot camp partition you eat more, and also pictures + videos + music + documents >>250Gb isn't enough for my particular use.
    Mercedes-Benz W128 history
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    try the wd scorpion 350 gb
    ive heard good things
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    you guys know you can find a good external 500 gb for around 100 right?
    1tb a good 200
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    thanks but 350 would be overkill plus the price of it ....
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    I've got 60GB free with a 80GB hard drive.
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    Mikey B

    Me too. Its a constant battle for me to maximize my 60G hard drive. I need to start running windows for work, and I'm dreading how mush space that will eat up. I'm thinking about upgrading my HD when I have the $

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