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iPad Do you guys think the 5 rumored In march will have increased specs? Should I wait?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by dopaminedude, Jan 13, 2013.

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    If not many upgrades ill get a 4 now
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    At this point just wait until march

    Unless is an emergency and you really need one
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    And this point its better to just wait.

    In a couple weeks we might start hearing more about it.
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    What would be the point up updating it if the specs weren't updated?

    It's obvious that not much thought was put into this thread.
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    This. We're already so close to march that unless you really NEED an iPad now, you should just wait.
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    I think we would all be surprised if the iPad 5 didn't have a new body, which would make it thinner and lighter. Do you care?

    It doesn't matter to me, so I will probably pass. They could improve the screen, but it is already so good that 10 or a 1,000 ppi probably won't matter to me.

    If they put in a new processor (unlikely) and more RAM (unlikely), then I'd take a look at it.
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    Has Apple ever released an update to iPod, iPhone or iPad that didn't have upgraded specs?
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    I don't accept the premise of your question - there are no credible rumours for a March iPad 5 release. March is a mere 1-1/2 months away, and we've seen no leaked pictures, no leaked physical dimensions or parts information, nothing about supply or stock issues, nothing, nada.

    It would be silly for Apple to refresh with minor spec bumps (like the 4), so we have to assume something more in terms of an upgrade, which most likely would be the chassis itself (not unwelcome), which means lots of redesign work, lots of new parts and prototypes (approved and rejected) - where are they?

    The only logical conclusion is that March will not see any iPad update, now does that impact your thinking?
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    I agree that we normally see leaked parts before a physical upgrade, but its possible there will be a spring iPad 5 which gets a spec update and the fall iPad 6 will get the new case. Because the iPad 4 got big spec update, a spring ipad 5 will get a minro spec update. Had Apple not released the iPad 4, then a spring iPad would get a big spec update.
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    Be damned with waiting. The day of my birthday in late Jan is the day I purchase the ipad 4. It's the best ipad on the market. It's actually on the market, physically, rather than a potential new revision which remains unknown to all.

    It's my first ipad. If I was paying out of my own pocket I would, possibly, wait until early March to see if Apple announced anything. The ipad 4 does everything I need a tablet to do. Not fussed with it being lighter or it being re-designed.

    Apple must love the consumer need to have the best and latest because it drives so many into upgrading with each revision. Lucky you if you can do that. I could never justify doing that. Aside from giving into vanity.

    Boys with toys I guess. More importantly, it's always a personal choice. Be happy with your purchase rather than rely on others to tell you if you should be happy with it or not.
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    I just bought my ipad4 one week ago and I wouldn't care one bit because I actually bought the ipad4 for its size and heft. If the made the bezels thin like the rumour suggest its harder to hold which is why I didn't get the mini
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    Agreed. I have no issues with the current bezel, and I actually think the Mini bezel is a bit too small for my fat fingers. This design wouldn't dissuade me from purchasing it, of course, but then again, I am hardly willing to sell my iPad 3 and move up to a 5 just for a little less weight / size.

    I see no reason why Apple wouldn't put out a 5 in the spring, because most of us didn't even know a 4 was coming out until just before the announcement, so these things can still manage to fly under the radar. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but compared to my excitement before the 3 (I was thrilled to finally see a retina display), it is difficult to think of anything that would compare at this point.
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    I don't see that at all, what's the point of two small refreshes in a row (the 4 was a small spec update not big, which I believe was to reset the launch cycle more than anything)? What is the iPad 4 lacking now that could be satisfied by another small refresh that motivated people to buy the 5 over the 4 (normal people, not spec whores and tech forum bunnies)? How much smaller than the 4 (in spec upgrades) could they actually go?<grin>
  14. darngooddesign, Jan 14, 2013
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    I personally think that a 2x faster CPU/GPU, dual band wifi, HD front camera and rearcamera with new back-illuminated sensor, upgraded LTE which supports more countries, and a better, more color aacurate screen are big updates.

    Most people don't think its a big update unless the case has changed.

    While they could bump it up to 2GB RAM as the lead up to iOS7, I don't think we'll see another revision without any leaked parts first.
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    It's unknown what Apple will release until it's released (or close to actually being released). After you read all the rumors, hearsay and innuendo, I think it comes down to what someone else said in another "should I buy now" threads:
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they won't do a "chassis only" update, i.e., exact same CPU/GPU/RAM/Cams/WiFi/etc., but just externally different.

    Apple has also just sort of settled into the A5 for mid-range, A6 for high[er] end device theme, and we know there's not another major processor available yet.

    LTE is sorted out, common connector across current devices (iP5/iPT/Mini/iPad4), and the only other thing is a major hardware additional that brings a new usage model which would need to be done with a major OS update.

    iPad3>4 was about consistency, aligning like devices on the same upgrade cycle, costs (around the A6), etc., and creating "feature sync" across their tablet products.
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    The reason I don't think of those as major is that they could all have been included in a silent upgrade and release, but they felt a public announcement was required (the question then is, why?).
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    Actually it will most likely be the reverse. The iPad 5 will have the same processor as the iPad 4 but with major industrial design changes. The casing for the iPad has been largely the same for 2+ years now. The iPad 5 doesn't need the minor spec update. We got a more than adequate spec update with the iPad 4.


    Its not so much size they will focus on, but weight, along with a design that will focus more on making it really look like the iPad mini's big brother.
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    They had the public announcement for the Mini, so you might was include the updates to the [rest of the] iPad line in the announcement.

    When you have a big announcement would it make sense to not announce even in passing changes to other highly related products?
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    Because if you make significant internal upgrades its smart to let people know. Otherwise you won't get as good a return on your investment.
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    They'll focus on the form factor (thinness, weight, perhaps even physical size if bezels are something they change or the home screen button becomes virtual), that's what I think, and when it happens, it'll be so gorgeous.

    Not necessarily - they have to change SKUs and deal with the channel regarding old and new stock, returns, etc. If they just do something like a slipstream release, they don't announce it, and everything just keeps rolling. Just because the mini was announced doesn't mean they were forced to make an iPad announcement, unless of course there was another reason such as their wanting to make a bigger deal of it than it was, perhaps to let users know the tech is fresh for a year, giving them until end of this year to upgrade the device next. That's my thinking.
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    Apple has two kinds of upgrades to their iOS devices.

    Style changes
    Hardware changes

    Sometimes they coincide, but usually they alternate.
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    this is exactly what i logged on to ask..

    i asume, with my limited knowledge, that apple will be releasing an ipad 5 (or new new new?) this spring, with a design more similar to the mini, maybe with minimal other changes. (dropping the fat alu design, for a more slim mini/ip5 design-style. i like that newer design a lot better

    im considering to get one, but i guess ill wait a few months.

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    Well, if design is important enough, then I'd wait. You'll know soon enough. For me, the current design is OK, and I'm only interested in faster at the moment. If they had a new processor (they don't), then it would be exciting for me.
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    More sales. I bet alot of apple fans would still queue up for an ipad 5 if it does come out in March. Plus, most people don't care about generation upgrades. At the time of purchase, they'll compare it to the competition. If a company have technology that's ready to be released, they won't sit on it as that risks competitors catching up. And no one knows what Apple have or don't have in terms of new technologies.

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