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Do you have an Apple Sticker on your Car?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iMac-G5, Jul 14, 2004.

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    There is a thread at the polls "Do you have an Apple Sticker on your Car?".

    So why just talking about, if you can show everybody!


    I have one, but as I said in my posting their, my girlfriend ice-scrapered half of it away last winter. :eek:

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    I heard on NPR that Apple was no longer dropping the stickers in computer boxes. The report went on to say that the subject of the story even went to the Apple store and tried to get one and was told they were no longer availible, even for sale. Any truth to this? It seems like such a cheap way of advertising and great marketing.

    Apparently the white stickers tend to fade in the sun (I have the old multi-color one, so I wouldn't know. Does that tell anyone about the age of my Mac and car?).

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    Well, unless I completely missed it, I didn't get any stickers with my Rev. C 12" PowerBook (purchased last week).

    However, I have a small stockpile, so I should be okay ;) :D
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    I don't know

    …but I always thought that the apple logo always looked a little of on a car.

    It's just that cars are not that well designed compared to apple products. :)

    Apple logos look really cool when they are huge and on the side of a building, and look cool when they are very small and backlit on the front of your laptop…
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I wish now that I hadn't lost mine from my rev. B.
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    i got one on my integra, and theres another on another integra in our parking structure. we both put it in the same place... but i've never met that person. ill take a shot when i get home.
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    That's what you get for making your girlfriend scrape off YOUR windows! :p

    Anywho, I've got one (white) in the lower left of the back window on our Jeep Cherokee Sport.

    No pic, sorry.

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    I have an apple sticker on my car (Black Audi A3) , It's the first thing I do when I have a new car. I sell mine in august, my new car will have wil have one also :)
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    I'll post a photo later, but I have mine in my wife's Turbo Beetle. The only thing is that it is stuck on from inside so its backwards. That was intentional. Meant to symbolize how *ss backwards it is to have an Apple logo on a car.
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    I just got a refurb G5 about a month ago and it came with 2 white apple stickers..
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    Where in Belgium do you live. I'm from Ninove.
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    Well i got 2 with my ibook g4 1 Ghz 12" (love typing that...)

    and i've stuck one on my guitar, looks pretty cool (guitar's a black strat)
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    Didn't get one with my 12" PB 1.33... any other way to get one?
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    Still trying to decide where to put my sticker. Nothing else seems worthy of carrying the apple logo. I though maybe my bike might like it, but both the bike and the sticker are white . . . wasn't going to show much. So for now, it is still safely stowed in the box. Maybe someday the perfect place will be found.
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    Yup, I have one on my car. The white one... the multi-colored one faded, and I had to replace that one twice. I have a small stockpile myself, in both white and multi-colored, so if the new Macs don't come with them I'm not worried. :)

    Omala, you should try eBay. Do a search for "apple sticker*" (without the quotes).
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    I have a friend who's been a Mac user long enough that he's got one of the old rainbow ones on one side, and a new white one on the other, both placed on the rearmost non-moving bit of the side windows. I think that's kinda cool, because it says that he's kickin' the Apple old-school. :p

    For myself though...I really don't like the idea of sticking anything on my car. I just don't like broadcasting information about myself to strangers....well, not in the physical world, anyway (as I sit here posting this for anyone to see). :rolleyes:
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    here's my car.. the other black acura left before I could get shot.


    as soon as i get my bike, ill put one on there too. :)
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    I have a rainbow Apple decal on the back L quarter window of my Isuzu Rodeo.
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    Want a sticker? They've got plenty of them to go around. They've also got some other cool stuff. There's tons of sites that have apple stickers, just do a google search and see what comes up. Heck, I'm not officially an Apple user yet, but it doesn't hurt to look. But if I do get one, you can be sure a sticker's going on my car.
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    As soon as I get my Volvo I got a bunch of Apple stickers that I am going to put on it, I want a license plate frame as well.
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    Yes I have 1 on my car :)
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    Yup :)

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    MattG: Nice stickers. :D

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