Do you keep the DVD extras in iTunes?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aComicBookFan, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Just what the subject line says...

    I have imported archive copies of my DVD movies into iTunes but I haven't added in any of the special features (i.e. bloopers, making-of, etc). What's today's "standard" (so to speak) on storing these in iTunes? Should they be added in as "TV Shows" so they can be clumped together? Or, should they not be added in at all until iTunes has a way to do this in the "Movies" section?

    Thanks! :)

    -=- Boris
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    I've encoded all the extras from my DVDs into mp4, but they aren't in iTunes, If you tag them properly, they appeared very neatly as an option when you selected the relevant movie (i.e. you would select the movie and a new list of the movie and it's extras was brought up). This was on the ATV1 and I haven't checked the ATV3 yet. However, it wasn't so neat in iTunes as all the extras appeared as separate entries.

    I was hoping there would be an 'iTunes extras" creator which could package the film and all the extras up into a nice .ite file, but so far nothing has been forthcoming...
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    The only DVD extras I've kept in iTunes are the animated shorts that precede most Pixar films, and their equivalents for Dreamworks/Fox animated films (e.g. Despicable Me, Open Season, the Scrat shorts from the Ice Age series). I've never bothered with any "Making Of" featurettes.

    Since virtually all the shorts I've added to my library are from "family" films, I've created a genre called "Family Short" and classified them that way.
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    I thought there was a way to create your own iTunes Extras and iTunes LP "files". I remember seeing an Apple Knowledge Base for it, but it was, to me, too involved. I think it was more for content developers.

    Anyways, there's no app that can put together an iTunes Extra, yet. If there were, I'd be lining up to buy ... but then again, the aTV2 (and presumably aTV3) does not support iTunes Extra/LP. :(


    EDIT - I'm not entire sure if the aTV2 does or doesn't support Extra. machpost's post above is confusing me.
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    Only the original AppleTV supported iTunes Extras. Apple has released documentation on creating iTunes Extras/LP, available at

    I'd love it if the AppleTV (and presumably any iOS device) would *finally* get support for this feature. I started making custom ones for the extra content from the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions, but stopped when I realized they were only useful on my Mac.
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    Since I use my Apple TVs for listening to music, I might even be persuaded to spend a few extra bucks and buy albums that include the iTunes LP extras through iTunes instead of eMusic or Amazon MP3, if I could view the bonus material on my Apple TVs.
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    I'll give the iTunes Extras/LP a whirl when I get home. Hopefully it's free for everyone to download and use.


    -=- Boris

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