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iPad mini Do you like your Smart Cover ?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by GeorgieAcevedo, Nov 10, 2012.

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    First time cover user on the iPad. I got the Smart Cover for the mini and idk it feels a bit uncomfortable. But it's pretty popular so maybe I'm using it wrong ? I don't know. Do you like yours ?
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    It's pretty crappy. It doesn't attach to the back when you use the device, so it's always sliding and flapping around. This is ridiculous for something so extremely expensive.

    As a stand it has a tendency to fall over and having the inside of the cover out and exposed to everything that might be on the desk means stuff gets on the screen, or worse ends up scratching it.
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    This is one of the main issues I'm having. I'm considering returning it. Mmmm. Only looks good when closed. That's all.
  5. hfg
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    Fold it in half when you first open it, then flip the double-thick remaining half to the back. Much easier to hold without the flapping around.
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    You're suppose to remove it when your using the iPad.
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    I don't understand what you're trying to say. Like this?

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    I use a 3M self stick magnetic strip under my back cover to hold it in place when open. Put it on the far left edge on the back.
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    It has three segments, you can't fold it in half.

    Here's what happens if you try to hold it:

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    I think he got confused with the Smart Cover for the regular iPad lol
  11. hfg
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    Indeed I did ... my apologies. :eek:

    I forgot I was in the mini iPad forum ... that technique works with the full size ones. :eek:
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    I fold two thirds of it back and have never had the magnets come loose....are you guys lumberjacks or something?


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    I like it, but I always take it off when using the iPad. I hate the way it feels when using the iPad and the Smart Cover is on the back.
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    With the big iPad I would roll it up as a triangle and then wrap my hand on that like a handle to hold it and it was very comfortable. But with the mini then it's missing a segment so in "triangle mode" it's not very stable. I can't hold it the same way nor does it stand as sturdy, so IMO it sucks for the price (but I'm still keeping it.)

    BTW. I never take the cover off because then ill lose it.
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    My mini also doubles as my alarm clock. Very disappointed with the sturdiness of the smart cover in this regard. So much so that i'm returning mine tomorrow.
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    Hate it. Returned it. Disappointing gap against the screen. Apple knows about the issue and says "working on it"
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    So far it's ok. Like everyone is saying: it has issues like the little gap between the cover and screen. However, for my purposes I think it will work out.
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    It's fine for me. Helps me hold the iPad easier. I like how it doesn't collect dust like the cover for the original iPad. I do wish there were more artistic designs for it. The colors are boring.
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    This is how I fold the Smart Cover for my big iPad.

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    I'd prefer a smart case that covers the back.
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    Mine sticks to the back fine, it doesn't flap around.
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    mine too, when it's naked...
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    I hid a small flat magnet between the back of the ipad and the cover. So mines doesnt "flap around at all"
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    I do like my smart cover. I preferred the way I could fold it in half on the larger model but, on the mini, it seems to stick to the back fine.

    My only issue is the color choices. I wish they had made a black one and made some leather options. The dark gray on black is okay but would have liked a black cover.

    Patiently waiting for some third party smart covers to come out. :eek:

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