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Do you need a sim card to jailbreak/unlock?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by duramaxman1, Nov 28, 2010.

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    My friend has an 3g running 4.1 and wants to JB and UL but has no sim card in the phone, Does she need to buy one, and if so what kind? Thanks in advance. The only thing it shows is where you can make an emergency call, thats it.
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    No you don't need a sim card to jailbreak. All the new jailbreaking software "hactivates" the iPhone.

    You can't unlock the 4.1's baseband. Unfortunately you have to upgr ade to 4.2.1 along with upgrading the baseband to unlock. You can follow this guide here: http://iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=13000 <--Mac

    Windows --> http://iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=12945
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    is always better if you use a SIM card to activate since Push and other things will work as they should (hacktivation sometimes messes things like these). Your friend should get a SIM card (old/new/borrowed/out of service/from the trash) from the carrier the iPhone was originally sold from...
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    So basically it really dont matter where or what kind as long as its a SIM, am I understanding correctly? Or do I need an AT@T?
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    If its locked to AT&T you will need any kind of AT&T sim.
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    Why do you need a AT&T Sim card to JB and UL?

    I successfully JB with a T mobile card, or I at least think I did. I am having issues installing Cydia, (as you might remember from my thread a little further down the page). Could not having a AT&T Sim effect Cydia not installing correctly? It doesn't make sense that it would, but I'm a total newb when it comes to this stuff.
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    I just unlocked and jailbroken a 3GS with no sim installed. Works absolutely fine (for me atleast): finds a carrier, phones, etc.
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    Which one did you use Limera1n or another? Cause when I hook this one up it wont let me do anything at all. I can click "let it rain" then it tells me to hold the power and home then it tells me nothing else.
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    I went to iclarified and done what it said, I now have a at@t SIM but itunes wont recognize it. Tells me to insert valid sim, I cant move to step 2. PLEASE HELP
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    is you iPhone from the US or from another country, if it is originally from another country then you need the SIM from that original carrier...
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    Its gotta be a sim from the carrier that the iphone is locked to.
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    No it's not, and I just now inserted an active Att SIM and still get nothing. I've tried to toggle airplane mode, try turning on/ off, still no results. Do you experts have any input for a beginner. The JB seems to be working fine, I've also tried to reinstall ultraslow.
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    It's telling me no SIM
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    What would happen if I took the sim out of my iPhone 4 that's JB but NOT UNLOCKED,and put it in this phone which is updated to 6.15? Will it screw my phone up if I put it back in, I would like too make sure the sim that my friend gave me is good.
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    if the iPhone come from another place than the US then you need a SIM card from the country the iPhone was originally sold in to be able to activate it (an original carrier SIM card)... you can always hacktivate w/ the new redsn0w if you are having trouble...
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    It was bought in the US. I geuss I'll use redsn0w again, thanks for your help

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