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Do you support the projects on Kickstarter?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Acerone, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Have you guys ever been a backer of the projects started on Kickstarter? Some of the ideas on KS are clever and here's a few I found that I like. I suppose once the project is founded it takes a few months before it's in the backers hands.



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    I haven't myself. I remember reading something about Kickstarter last month but failed to check it out. Thanks to your post I'm going to give it a look. I do like the erognomic holder.
  3. xraytech, Apr 6, 2011
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    if the handsfree was a desk clamp instead of a wood boomerang base i probably would consider it
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    I made my 1st contribution the other day and it was on the Cosmonaut.
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    Alright now I'm addicted to searching this site and I made my first pledge to LetterMPress.
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    *Off topic, but my movie is on there - sorry had to pimp it out - bit.ly/DONATE_LET

    but I contributed to the Cosmonaut, and the letterpress app
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    Recently I've contributed to the TikTok and LunaTik; and tapose´

    My good friend is in industrial designer http://www.coroflot.com/tl924 http://www.idsa.org/content/content1/teddy-lu-university-illinois-urbana–champaign and he won the LunaTik at an ID convention. It was awesome seeing a product you backed come to fruition. It would be cool if he could work MNML, but I'm sure he'll have his own design company when all is said and done. He is ridiculously talented and that LunaTik couldn't have gone to a better guy. Sorry for going OT.
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    Yeah the problem with some of the stuff on Kickstarter is that some of that stuff is already out there. There's probably 3 or 4 Case/Stand combinations already on the market. For something on Kickstarter to take off the product really has to be unique and fills a need.
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    I've supported several projects on there. If the amount (or more) is reached then the funds are sent straight to the person as soon as the project closes. One that I supported was for guitarist Monte Pittman's second album. He asked for $5K and raised over $65K. I'll have to check out some of the tech and design projects.
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    I have backed CustomSLR for their tripod strap connection and slip strap. Kickstarter is awesome! If they can get the funding, I would recommend it.
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    I've backed a few projects lately, most recently the mySaverPro iPod cable protector. I saw the goPano but I didn't have the money to pledge.
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    I backed Adonit Jot.
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    Just backed Sensu iPad Paintbrush Stylus combo

    This looks really great, especially for 30$!!

    It's a paintbrush on one end then you can flip it over and put the brush end into the cap and it becomes a stylus. I am really excited to see how popular this becomes. Right now there's three days left, and it is successful!:D
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  20. Dhelsdon, Oct 18, 2011
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    Ooh ya, I saw that one too. It looks killer but at 80$ I don't know, it's not that different in comparison to any other iPad keyboard!

    Edit: after a second look, I am very tempted. Right now I use the Apple wireless keyboard with my MBP and this keyboard looks pretty cool if I could use it on my mac.
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    I've been more impressed with the iPhone related projects than the iPad ones so far. But I love the whole Kickstarter concept.

    I backed the Scandy, which funds in a few days, and they're working on the possibility of adding an iPad 2 attachment for direct scanning with the iPad. (Since the iPhone has a way better camera, I'll be sticking with that one.)

    Bought the Olloclip interchangeable iPhone 4 lenses about two weeks ago (well after it was funded), and my only regret is that I didn't find it soon enough to get the Kickstarter price! These are awesome--if they don't come out with a revised model whenever the iPhone 5/6/42/whatever comes out next year, I may be stuck with the 4/4s body style forever, because these lenses would make that a sacrifice I could live with. LOL

    And I keep eyeing the iSteadi (steadicam type mount for phones). The problem with that one is a problem I see with a number of Kickstarter projects--people seem to think, "Oh, I have this great idea, I'll just put it up here and watch the money roll in!" No promotion, no publicity, too few updates on Kickstarter...no funding. I'm just not sure this one's going to make it, but heck, I'll back it anyway and hope for the best.

    The Sensu paintbrush looks appealing. But for me, it would be one of those things I'd buy, try once, remember that I've never learned to paint, and then throw in a drawer. LOL The Levitatr keyboard just looks too bulky to me, though I see the mega geek appeal for it. Bet it ends up in ThinkGeek's inventory eventually.

    Any other good ones? Wish someone would put one up for a good, lightweight, waterproof iPad case for reading in the tub... :D
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    I just backed the Romo, it looks really cool just to have as a toy. I can just picture my cats attacking it as I move toward them. The only thing I'm not sure about, is if you need a second iPhone to control it.. hmm

    I like what you said about the Sensu, "it would be one of those things I'd buy, try once, remember that I've never learned to paint, and then throw in a drawer." Even still Irish, if you take a good look at it you can still use it as a regular stylus if your not into the artsy stuff!
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    The Romo is cool...we have three generations of Roombas currently, so adding that might tip the balance in the household towards our robot overlords. LOL LOVE that they're making it eminently hackable though.

    One thing I do like about Kickstarter though is that many of the designers are willing to listen to their consumers so openly. It was interesting to see the design changes that occurred with Scandy along the way as I backed that one pretty early on; looks like Levitatr is going through the same kind of open design tweak process. (Liked that it's thinner now, but hate the new battery setup--I much prefer easily replaced, readily available AA or AAA rechargeables to a permanently installed LiIon that requires cabling to recharge. Personal preference, though, YMMV.)

    I keep looking at the Sensu for my husband; he's the stylus user in the family both for writing and some sketching. I tried the Pogo Sketch early on, but got bored with it rather quickly. He's nearly worn it out.
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    That is true, I do agree with you on the battery thing although in my situation either will suffice because I will be using it in a work environment and I can have it connected at all times. I did end up backing it, I couldn't resist. I can't wait to see what these savvy programers will release for the Romo!

    The roomba is the automatic vacuum right? How well does that work..

    Off-topic: I am surprised to see you out of the iPhone hacks section..
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    I do wander occasionally--though lately I'm lucky if I have five minutes to spare, and those five usually get spent on the iPhone side of the board. LOL Today, I've had a bit of breathing room, so a little more time to explore.

    Roombas are awesome and get better with every generation--their ability to cope with things such as avoiding stairs and not eating cords has improved a great deal since the early days. Grey, our Roomba 532 pet model, is currently dealing with the dog hair in the kitchen, living room, and dining room, and doing so more quietly than I could with the big canister vac. Takes a bit longer, but then, I'm free to work on other things while it's getting done.

    Now, if only I could program it with an iOS remote! The Romo project has potential that way--it's a toy now, but having had Roombas and seen their usefulness, I can see where they've got plenty of room to grow. I need to look more closely at that one; it's worth backing just for the potential of what it might become someday.

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