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Do you think Apple should add a matte screen to the MacBook?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kabunaru, Feb 23, 2008.


Do you think Apple should add matte option to the MacBook?

  1. Yes, what's up with these glossy displays these days?

  2. No, I am fine with glossy and like it more than matte

  3. I don't care either way

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    As an option or are you fine with the glossy display?
    Me, I mattefied my MacBook and from now I will only buy laptops with matte display or buy a anti-glare film (like this one: http://www.powersupportusa.com/products/ef.php?category=pb) for the glossy display. Glossy caused a lot of eye strain for me. So yes, Apple should include matte option on the MacBook:

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    Yes I'd love a matte screen, but they won't do it.
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    good heavens you can replace the display with another laptop display?!??! awesome!
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    No, they've put a film over the screen.
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    I would have purchased the following if Apple would make a matte screen option:

    - MB
    - MBA
    - iMac (20 inch)

    So by not offering a matte screen option, Apple has lost out on three purchases from me.

    ...and they probably do not care. ;)
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    Don't care. A 1440x900 screen would be a more useful option for me.
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    my other laptop (toshiba) has a matte screen and i can't stand it. i'm thrilled with the glossy screen on my macbook and have no desire to go matte again.
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    can those films be taken off if you end up not liking the results?
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    But if you try and re-apply them, they look rubbish as they get dirt stuck to them.
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    Not going to happen any time soon. Current 15" MBP resolution is 1440x900. Apple won't raise the resolution of a 13" screen on a MB until it raises the resolution on the 15" MBP.
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    Personally I prefer glossy screens as they produce more vibrant color. I have never had glare problems. Unless you use your computer outside in bright sun, don't waste your time with a matte screen. Take my opinion with a half a grain of salt though.
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    They also won't do it until they get resolution independence into the OS and working well. Its been in "beta" since Tiger.
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    I know, but as long as we're talking about things we'd like to see, that's certainly one. DPI scaling is another; you can scale up and down in XP, and you can scale up in Vista, but you can't do either in Tiger (or Leopard, AFAIK).
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    I thought that was going to be a Leopard feature. I wonder why they aborted that.
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    I will never take it off then.
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    I feel the same way about my MBP with glossy screen: never going back to matte. I never had any problems with glare at all, so I guess it depends where the light in your room is situated when you're working on it. I also worked outside on my MBP, but as long as you make sure not to have the sun behind you when you're working I didn't experience any glare troublesome enough for me to notice it.

    And yes, I have no need for the color accuracy that matte screens have either...
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    It would be interesting to see the sales numbers if Apple offered a matte screen option to the MB.

    My bet is that they would increase overall MB sales.
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    Apple has brilliantly marketed the MacBook as the premier consumer laptop. It has a glossy display for a reason.... Consumers tend to like glossy displays better. It would be a foolish decision to complicate the purchasing decision for entry level consumer buyers by adding unneeded complications to the buying process, and creating unneeded inventory for resellers.

    Adding matte to the MB may serve a niche need on tech forums, but in the real world, it will be trumped by consumers who see and want the eye candy of a glossy display... There is a reason why the MB is the best selling Mac now... why try and fix something that isn't broken.
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    Then why did G3 and G4 iBooks had matte screens?
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    For the same reason most other laptops of this time were matte... the glossy display has recently reached mass appeal only recently.

    It is silly to compare the g3 and g4 to the MacBook.. that only hurts your argument. The MacBook is a far better seller than those two combined.
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    glossy for me. matte seems to dim the screen (not sure if its true or not) and my screen is already pretty dark because i like to save power to my mb.
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    A big reason for this (besides the marketing) is the fact that the Macbook is far more the MBP's equal than the iBook ever was to the Powerbook. Back then, Apple seemed to bend over backwards to cripple the iBooks in order to keep them from competing with the Powerbooks. Someone finally clued them in that business would work better if there were fewer differences between the machines, and Apple took note. Another reason is the fact that there's only one Macbook (yes, there are different colors and specs, but there's effectively one model). There were two iBooks back then, which I figure also cut into profits. Much simpler to have a 13" model (split right down the middle) instead of a 12" model and a 14" model.
  24. f1
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    they just need to put a better screen on the macbook period. I hate how, if i crank up the brightness all the colors have a whitish tint and are very washed out.
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    Eric Lewis

    well knowing apple it will likely be a 100 dollar upgrade to matte

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