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Do you think Apple will kill the 13" MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pineapple216, Oct 20, 2012.


Will Apple drop the 13" MBA from it's product line?

  1. Yes, they won't update it anymore, and discontinue it next year.

  2. Yes, but not very soon, maybe in 2 years from now.

  3. No.

  4. Different

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    With a new 13" MacBook Pro right around the corner, do you think Apple will later on drop the 13" MacBook Air from it's product line?


    I personally think they eventually will, but not very soon.
    Because IMO a 13" rMBP and 13" MBA are kind of the same machines in many aspects (this considering what we now 'know' about the new 13" rMBP).
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    They will probably associate the Air more and more with education, like the plastic MacBook.
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    The difference in portability is huge, IMO. If they kill of the 13" I'll be sorely disappointed. It's a perfect device for my needs.
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    Don't think so. The form factor makes the Air into a different category.
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    Two different products, Two different audiences.

    Plus, entry pricing for the two 13" models has a $500 difference ($1199 vs $1699) so I'd still recommend the Air to more people than the MBPr.
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    The 13" is much more popular than the 11". I don't see that happening though to answer your question as the Air is the lightweight alternative to the MBP, just wouldn't make sense to cut it.
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    not at all. The Air's are perfect for portability. The only thing the 13" retina will attack is the higher end Air's
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    Why would they the mba was never made to compete with the Mbp.
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    There's something no one has mentioned in this thread: magsafe 2. Didn't they leave the Macbook pro's (non retina) with magsafe 1, yet updated to magsafe 2 for the air? I doubt they would spend the time adding it if they were just going to dump the line, which seems to be the fate of the non retinas.
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    Not immediately. For starters, if the rMBP will be $1699, they'll keep the 13" Air around as the cheaper option. We might see the sales mix changing, though. Some people who might have bought the high end 13" Air configurations might opt for the 13" rMBP, and so we might see the 11.6" Air become the better seller relative to the 13.3."

    I'd actually like to see an 11.6" rMBP. It is unlikely, to say the least, but it could be done, seeing as it would essentially just be a wider version of the iPad screen.
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    I don't think it will go away anytime soon. Apple has had two notebook lines for a long time.

    I think that the non-retina Pros will go away, leaving just the Air and Pro (retina) lines. The Air may eventually go retina as well, but there will probably always be differences between them. For example the Air may go Retina but not IPS.

    The Pro will have more ports, a bigger battery, larger maximum RAM and Storage options, and more powerful CPU options.
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    I was just about to say exactly this ^
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    I seriously doubt the Air would go retina without a major upgrade in the quality of the screen.

    Makes more sense for the Airs to go IPS before going retina a year or so later.

    Though I would expect Apple to hold off an IPS Air until they have sold a few of the 13" retina MBPs.
  14. TC25, Oct 20, 2012
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    No. Why, just because the MBA13 and the rMBP13 have the same sized screen? Geez. :rolleyes:
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    No way. The Air has replaced the plastic MacBook as the entry level Mac notebook.
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    I think they will have 13" MacBook airs and pros until they can fit everything from the pro in the air then it will just be called MacBook
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    This is my line of thinking as well.
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    I don't think so.
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    It's targeted at two different markets...lol
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    No ..the delineation eventually will like be

    MBA - ULV dual core processor, integrated graphics, lightest of all

    MBP- Quad Core discrete GPU, full Coreix processors.

    I think the MBA will eventually become "the" device for students. It'll stay roughly where it is while the 13" MBP will become the enthusiast and Pro machines it should have always been.
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    Nah, a rMBP - even a 13" one - is not a "one notebook fits all" solution, especially not at that price point.
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    No. They're more likely to kill the regular MBP, keeping the air and rMBP.

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