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Do you think i should do this...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by JzzTrump22, Nov 24, 2004.

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    My friend just got an old 233 mhz emac w/ OS 9 for free. It was loaded with a bunch of junk she doesn't need. She wants to clear it all out but she didn't get any restore cd with it, so my other friend suggested i install OS X on her machine. I don't know if it will run well. The machine meets the requirements listed on the website for the software though. Any input???
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    Max it out with RAM and check on the hard drive capacity. The OS install alone will be upwards of 6GB. For a 233, sometimes that's all they came with. It will run, but it won't be pretty, literally. The graphics card will not show off the eye candy of the OS as much as a newer machine will, but it will be fine for the normal computing stuff. Don't expect to do much audio/video/graphics work at all, but it'll definitely go.

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    I think I'd leave OS 9.2 on it, unless you can get a processor upgrade card for it. I think OSX would be painful on a 233Mhz. :cool:
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    I don't think she will really care too much about all the graphics and stuff. She is the type of girl that likes having things look "pretty" though. So i'll see how i runs. I mean if it's runable and it looks ok, i would think it would atleast be better then OS 9.
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    If it doesn't work out, you can nuke it and find OS 9 to put back on it too...

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    Stupid question but do you mean iMac 233mhz?
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    Yeah, the eMac starts at 700mhz
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    No, it's an e-mac.
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    Sun Baked

    This is the eMac it was a 700MHz G4-based machine (introduced using the PowerMac G4 chipset)...



    This is the original iMac, introduced using the 233MHz G3 (with a Motorola chipset) ...


    Somehow I highly doubt you have a 233MHz eMac, especially since the slowest G4 was the 350MHz PowerMac (after the speed reduction fiasco) -- and all eMacs have been G4s.
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    A 233mhz iMac with Panther will be useable for e-mail and typing papers....that's about it. iTunes too...if nothing else is going. I've done it on one with 320MB RAM.
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    panther on a 233?????? i didn't think that was possible.
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    So which is it an eMac or iMac? Speed? Just curious.
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    I put Panther on a friends 233 iMac Bondi Blue. Also shoved a new 7200 rpm HD in it and stuffed 384 mbs of ram on it.

    Guess what? It runs great for an old machine. I figure if it blows up, she can take the hd out and go on her merry way. I ran DSL on it and it was wonderful.

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