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Do you think Macs will sell BIG this holiday season?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Shrek, Oct 4, 2002.

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    Hmmm. A Macintosh computer or an iPod would look great under the Xmas trees of millions of Mac fans this year. So what do you think? With the 'switch' ads and all, how much Apple cheer do you think Santa will bring in this year? :D

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    I'm think that with all of the new switch ads running, there should be quite a sales spike this Christmas. I myself am new to mac, and I really like my iMac alot, but if there is one thing that will keep people away from buying a mac, it is the fact that there are almost no stores (at least in my area) that sell mac stuff (computers, accesories, SOFTWARE, ect...). I hate that I cant go into best buy, circuit city, walmart, target, or any other main store and find much of anything for mac, especially in the way of software. Oops, did i just rant???

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    I know I am going to sell plenty of them in Tuscaloosa Alabama. ;)

    Our new store in the mall is going to kick a$$

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    Well, there's always the Internet. :D
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    i reckon there should be a few extra sales, although i don't know about here in Australia, i don't think there are as many (or any) switch ads on T.V. here.
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    the emac/fp imac might sell well, since theyre basically "all in one machines"...with a g4 processor lol, im supposed to be getting an emac in a month so it'dd be basically an early xmas present...even tho its an early grad present
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    we are in a recession, so no one will sell LOTS of machines except for maybe dell

    but what else is new?
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    Keep in mind that Apple and Dell are the only computer makers making money right now. :p
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    but the question isn't if one will be "profitable" this christmas season ;)

    apple does great with its small employee base and in silicon valley, they pay very low compared to most techie related companies

    same as micro-serf in silicon valley

    it's always some startup in high tech that pays the big bucks or someone who is growing very fast
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    Do you ever think it will turn around, Hatman? Will some company be able to over take Dell in sales and if so who do you think it will be?

    My theory:
    Gateway was really popular a couple of years ago, they cut some corners, put out some crap hardware, and really pissed off a lot of their customers. Now these people are ready to buy a new machine so who do they turn to, Dell. Recently, Dell's customer service has been slipping and I haven't heard good things from people about their hardware.

    Is it then safe to bet that the people that Dell is pissing off and will piss off will then switch back to Gateway or some other hardware vendor? Sony? Alienware maybe? What's your take?
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    My take is that they'll say "I'm tired of PCs! Apple's hardware and software works better and they have better support, so I am switching to the "BIG" Mac. Ah, peace man." :D
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    i didn't look at that angle, but put that way, it may be the right time for one to switch to macs

    if the other companies do badly like they are now, it could be a goldmine for apple if they keep their quality up...i don't really remember any sustained period of bad hardware or software from apple so they might up their market share over the next year
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    Sun Baked

    Big Macs should sell well this holiday season...

    But I don't want to guess how computers will sell.

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