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Do you think there will be a MBA that will support 8GB

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by chefwong, Feb 14, 2011.

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    MBP would be my 2nd choice, but do you suppose the next MBA will support 8GB memory...
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    What do you plan to use it for?
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    They may add that as an option if RAM prices stay low. I'd expect to pay a pretty penny for it though.
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    Eventually, yes, but I would not expect that in the next update.
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    Never, no one will ever need 8GB of memory :eek:
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    ... except, of course, those that do.
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    Technology will not stop advancing and more rams will be required every day.

    However even iMacs still come with 4GB ram as standard, so it will be a while before MBA gets 8GB ram.
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    don't need a GPU proc....but memory is one of things I need....

    Debating on whether I wait it out till march to see what updates get released, or just spring for the MBP which supports my 8 gig requirement...
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    You didn't answer my question. What do you plan to use it for?
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    multiple term windows, Fusion - Visio, Outlook etc.
    All generally open at the same time.
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    If you're doing that now, how much RAM do you have and what are your Page Outs, typically? The reason I ask is many are under the impression that they need 8GB of RAM, but when they look at real-time stats with Activity Monitor, they discover they're not fully taxing 4GB most of the time.
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    4GB right now. I'm pretty taxed as is and just keep enough open to know when I'm hitting the limits of swapfile activity.

    I have never look at the chipset used in the MBA versus proposed Sandy Bridge, etc.....
    I do know that 8 gigs is supported in the current MBP....

    Form factor of the MBA is what I like and the res on the 11" if I recall is even better than the current 13" MBP.
    It was just the memory that was holding me off...
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    The mba has the advantage that paging is extremely fast. You'll be much happier with the performance of an MBA with 4gb than an MBP with 4gb, unless you've replaced the boot drive with a very fast ssd.
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    I agree on that but then there is the other issue about SSD and TRIM but I'll leave that issue off the table for now and focus back more on memory....
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    Eventually sure. But considering 2GB is still the baseline, wouldn't count on it in the next update. I'd hope for the price they cost that 4GB will at least be the standard next time though. I'd really like a 8GB ram MBA as well so we can at least hope :p
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    That is a good point: Pageouts with a SSD are not 'free'.
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    I am guessing the next version will still be limited to 4GB. At most, they may make 4GB standard. However, the Air isn't aimed at power users. You might see if the next 13" Pro (rumored for a March 1 release) is any thinner or lighter than the current version if you need 8GB.
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    MacWorld conducted a "torture" test for the SSD and it did not experience any degradation. Good firmware does miracles
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    I'm certain that they will eventually, technology is always growing. The last time I built a pee cee, 4GB was still in the enthusiast range, and 512MB-1GB was standard in computers.

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