Do you think this is a good deal? (12" iBook G4)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by BiikeMike, Dec 15, 2005.

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    In looking for somthing for my girlfriend I came across an iBook G4 12" screen with 1.07 GHz, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Drive, CDR/DVD Drive, Airport Extreme and recovery DVD's for $700. I think thats a pretty good deal, what do you all think?
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    Its an ok deal but check out the apple refurb store(scroll down and click on the side where it says SAVE) you might find a newer ibook for just a few more bucks.
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    I've been checking the Apple site, and they havent had anything cheaper on a 12". Plus, this is somewhat local, so no shipping :cool:
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    Looking at the specs, you are talking about a machine that is at least 18 months old, more likely more than 2 years old. The 30GB hard drive will be fairly tight on space. The relatively small amount of RAM also is a bit of concern.

    If you have time then for about that price you should be able to find the current ibook at the Apple refurb store. This gives you the benefit of 12 months waranty, larger hard drive, better graphics card, faster CPU and latest release of OS X. Taking all that into account, I'd say that the machine you mentioned is not a good deal.
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    I have seen 699 iBook 12'' on applerefurb store and the had better Spec that offer u have. Try and get it for 600 or just wait for Apple Refurb store
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    Seems a litle high.
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    It's a bit hight, IMO.
    You can purchase a brand new iBook from for $999.99 and get a $100 MIR right now, leaving you at a solid $899.99. You also have no tax and free shipping.
    Err...price change.
    They dropped another $100 and now sell for $899.99 - $100 rebate.
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    So if I can get it for $600, go for it?
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    Get one from the Apple Store

    Apple usually has free shipping and you should be able to pick up an Ibook for 600-700 on the refurb part of the site. The best part is that it will come with a WARRANTY and option to purchase Applecare within the year. Thats the safer way to go with your GF's money. Keep checking the Apple site. From my experience, they post new inventory very early in the AM (5 to 6ish??? CST)
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    Ha Ha, my Girlfriends money, thats cute ;)

    I'm buying this FOR her, shhh!! she doesn't know. She really likes using my 15"PB, and she likes the size of my mom's 12" Clamshell iBook, and all she's gonna use it for is taking notes in class and cruising the nerd.

    Thanks for the heads up, i've been looking on their website pretty much daily, and not seen anything.......
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    By the way, do they add stuff everyday?
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    Graphics card the same on this 1.07ghz 12" iBook as the 1.2ghz in Apple refurb store

    Nice thing about the out of warranty 'books is you can open 'em up and slap in a faster hd, even a superdrive, something you cannot get on ibooks underwarranty or BTO. I did this with a 1.07 a few weeks ago and -- it was as fast as the 1.33ghz iBook newest edition.
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    Take a look at amazon... I made a post about it today, they offer what amounts to a $785 brand new 12" iBook - so definitely it's not worth getting an 18 month or 2 year old with meager specs for only $100 less, IMHO.
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    Over the last week, I've seen 3 or four changes to their refurb stock when I log in in the AM.
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    True true

    While it's nice to upgrade the hard drive and make the Ibook faster, I've done this a few times and its not an easy thing to do. You always run the risk of snapping a cable (e.g. the Airport antenna) or breaking the Ibook shell. I'd only recommend doing this if you're a bit advanced in computer modding or drunk :) I do agree with you though...its quite an improvement speed wise.
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    I bought one yesterday for $899 at with a rebate of $100 making the final cost $799.

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