Do you think Yahoo got an early peak at iOS 7?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by sigamy, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. sigamy, Jun 12, 2013
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    iOS 7's stock weather app is basically the Yahoo Weather app...and Yahoo Weather is using many of the elements of iOS 7's new UI.

    Is this just a matter of design trends matching? Or do you think Yahoo got an early view of the new UI, thin fonts, etc?
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    Nah, Yahoo supplies Apples weather app even currently. So I suspect Apple got the new design from Yahoo not the other way around. Almost exact except has automation instead of flickr photos from the looks of it.
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    I wish it had Flickr integration. I have several locations I check the weather for just because of the photos.
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    It does actually have Flickr intergration

    The option was in default settings and I don't have the app

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    I believe he meant Flickr integration into the iOS 7 weather app just like yahoo's weather app
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    Apple is doing work with Yahoo, Microsoft, and other companies that will help them distance themselves from Google. I hope it was worth it for Samsung and Google to so slavishly copy Apple because it's hurting them financially.

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    Of course the did.
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    Yahoo designed the Weather app. Apple decided to use that design in iOS7. And that app is fairly new so you know iOS 7 was thrown together quite recently.
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    How can you be so certain? It's possible that Apple told Yahoo about the new design (since they were going to integrate it into the OS) and Yahoo released their weather app with that design.
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    You have no way of knowing this, not at all.
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    Or you know, they both follow similar industry design trends.
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    And/or they collaborated to some degree at least.
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    The iOS 7 weather app is made by Yahoo. If you look at the logo on the bottom inside the app you will see it.

    The big thing that I thought you were saying initially was that iOS 7 in general is based off the Yahoo weather app. Layers and all. Think about it.
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    It's powered by Yahoo data, not developed by Yahoo.
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    No no no, Yahoo merely supplies the data for the default They have nothing to do with its design.
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    Maybe Yahoo! has more of a hand in the design of iOS 7 than we know...


    Have you used Yahoo's own weather app? The design is practically identical, excepting Yahoo's app providing more information.
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    We don't really know whether or not Yahoo! truly has nothing to do with the design...perhaps it does (at least to some degree, and perhaps at least in iOS 7).
  19. daiichi, Jun 21, 2013
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    Apple Weather and Yahoo! Weather are two different apps.


    They might look similar, but they are two different things. Apple's decision to update their weather app was a recent thing. And Yahoo's app still blows Apple's out of the water.
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    I have used Yahoo's weather app, and it's very nice.

    The designs are similar (thin, white fonts with thin, simple weather symbols over a "live" backdrop), but hardly identical. There's huge differences in the way each app looks and behaves once you move past superficial first impressions of "hey the font looks similar!".

    The iOS 7 is something Apple seems to be quite proud of. They specifically showed it off during WWDC, and if you have access to the WWDC session videos this year, the new is frequently used as an example of iOS 7's new icon and design philosophies. Not once is it mentioned that Apple talked to Yahoo for design advice. The is very much an Apple original.

    So let's just put this to rest: Yahoo has nothing to do with the default Weather app's design.

    With regards to the OP, Yahoo never got a sneak-peek(!) at iOS 7.

    Why would Apple want to throw around their top-secret mobile OS just so some designers at Yahoo could make a 3rd-party weather app which matched its design? No reason at all.

    The similarities between iOS 7's general aesthetics and the Yahoo weather app are purely coincidental. Do you think Apple gave The Iconfactory access to iOS 7 so that they could make Twitterrific 5 along the same aesthetic? No. Of course they didn't. These are simply examples of clever designers following industry trends.
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    Small White Car

    For those who are confused, this is the Apple-made weather app that uses Yahoo data in iOS 6:


    And this is the Yahoo weather app that, yes, does look a lot like iOS 7.



    And here's the Apple-made iOS 7 weather app:


    Personally, I think it's a matter of Apple being late to a general trend that Yahoo and Microsoft have both picked up on sooner.
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    Basically Apple saw Yahoo! created this cool weather app, so they copied it.

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    Interesting but Yahoo changed their app icon because a lot of people disliked it. Word is people hate the new one too...

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    They wanted a cosmetic fit with the OS, because people were going to use it as their main weather app, so they changed it to realistic clouds, and tossed the purple.

    It's not perfect looking but eh..


    Apple's one looks like a cracked egg.
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    I beg to differ on that "cracked egg" remark. But who knows, maybe it'll get altered before the GM...

    ...btw I just noticed the blueprint lines behind the app icon in your picture. Maybe because of my monitor at work isn't that great.

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