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Do you want a camera/microphone on the ipod touch, YES or NO?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by leomac08, Sep 11, 2009.


Do you want a camera/microphone on the ipod touch, YES or NO?

  1. Yes

    118 vote(s)
  2. No

    22 vote(s)
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    According to some articles, "Steve Jobs says that the reason for the iPod touch not having a camera is simple: People don't want a camera on their iPod touch. They just want a cheaper iPod touch, as a game machine, no cameras involved." (http://gizmodo.com/5355959/steve-jobs-gives-his-reasons-for-lack-of-camera-in-ipod-touch)

    I don't know about you guys, but I want a camera on the ipod touch:D

    but some people don't want the ipod touch to have one.

    Some people or MR members, I've heard, would rather see the ipod touch become a PSP/Nintendo DS game portable.

    So I have created a POLL, please vote!:D
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    Personally I'd prefer that no mobile phones or portable electronics in general (except cameras and video cameras, obviously.) had cameras. They are never good quality and are finger print magnets, I'd prefer a lower cost than adding a camera. If I want to take a picture I'll take an actual camera.
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    We aren't "people". We're Apple geeks.
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    Great poll! To clarify, I want a still camera, not a video-only camera like on the new nano. I want to be able to take advantage of iPhone apps like the ones where you take pics of book/cd/dvd covers and get a price comparison, or the ones that allow you to take pics of your receipts in lieu of scanning them in, etc, etc. (If I'm going on vacation, I might take along a stand-alone digital camera to take the "real" pics, but that's not why I want a camera on my touch.) And a mic on the headphone just doesn't cut it. There are any number of situations where I want to record sound without having to deal with a cable hanging off my iPod.
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    I'd take battery life over the space needed for a camera, but cameras can be fun. There's more potential in cameras than just taking pictures. Games, cool augmented reality stuff (admittedly far away but still).
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    Good point. But sometimes I would love to post pictures or videos on youtube, facebook, myspace etc... right on the spot. :rolleyes:

    Point Taken, "WE APPLE GEEKS......"

    Great Points!

    Especially with the microphone, the cables just get annoying!:D
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    Actually the camera in the iPhone 3GS is quite decent. It's a lot better than most cellphone cameras. It won't replace a DSLR, but it could replace a P&S for some people.
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    I want a camera, but that's down on my list.
    Internal Mic > Battery > Camera
    -For Shazam(Etc.)
    -Don't have to take out headphones to use some apps and Voice Control.
    -Longer life
    -More Obvious reasons
    -Good for those random "Take a Picture" Moment.
    -Opens up more apps.
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    this is why i said "sometimes I would love to post pictures or videos on youtube, facebook, myspace etc... right on the spot." :cool:
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    ^exactly, I take my iPod with me every where. I do not own a cell phone with a camera since I do not use a phone often so I am sick of that argument as to why it should not get one.

    I would use the touch camera. If anything it would be better then a p&s since you have wifi and you are able to upload you're videos and pics.

    The mic thing would be great too for voice control. I'm not a fan of ear buds and I don't want to be forced to use them for that feature.
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    It'd only be good if you're like, "I want to take a picture right now, and share it right way." But other than that, a real camera would do the same job, but better. (Unless you feel it's too much weight to drag around and want an all in one type thing. Minus a Phone.)

    And yeah. That's why I want to Mic. For Voice Control without the need of headphones.
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    Well, admittedly I'm not that social of a person. But I can't figure out why it would hurt you that much to wait a bit to upload it when you get home.

    And also the question you directed to in the poll was one person in general. Since I am stating my personal opinion, it would be tailored to my need for the camera. Which for me the camera actually detracts from the value of the phone, because if you get fingerprints on the camera the value of the phone drops. I'd rather not have to worry about that, since I never use the camera anyway.

    You're probably right that it would be good enough for most people. But I take photos professionally and each picture I take is aimed to achieve maximum profit to me. I've never been one to take a picture just for memory's sake, so the camera wouldn't add any value to the device for me.
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    I would have upgraded from my first gen if they included either of those features. I would LOVE a mic in there, I use my iPod more for music production apps than anything else. That'd be an awesome feature.
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    My partner has an iPhone, and I handle it often, and I've never worried about getting fingerprints on *that* lens. First of all, it's so small, there's no place to get fingerprints on it! And I haven't noticed whether the lens is recessed or something, but in any case, avoiding touching the lens while handling the iPhone just never has been an issue, even though I'm pretty clumsy, if I say so myself. ;)
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    Regarding your first question, I have downloaded many pics to myspace and facebook using my ipod touch 1G, and it takes less than a minute, when I upload my pics to my macbook from my kodak, or nikon coolpix, it takes a while...:rolleyes:

    About your second point, The poll was directed directly to the consumer. I would guess that a majority of existing ipod touch users would love to see a camera on the ipod touch. When you say detracts the value of the phone, do you mean the camera is defacing the value of the iphone? or do I have this wrong?
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    Well, I'm careful with my electronics and I got this ugly smudge on my original iPhone.

    To address your first paragraph, if you are just uploading one picture to the web on your iPod, then you should only compare that to downloading one picture on your camera. Your comparison is fundamentally wrong, because with your camera, depending on the size of the card you're downloading hundreds of pictures versus just a few that you're uploading on the iPhone.

    I say it detracts from the value of the iPod/Phone for me because of this, which happened to my original iPhone. Now I'm worried whenever I use my phone that I'll get an ugly smudge on the camera like that.
  17. dwu182, Sep 11, 2009
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    For me it isn't a necessity. I hardly ever use my camera in my iPhone.
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    I never use the camera on my iPhone because it is just bad, really bad. If Apple put a quality camera in then I would want one. Until then it is just a worthless add-on
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    OHHHHH!, i see it. I feel sorry for your iphone btw. The same thing happens with my blackberry curve, (little dust clog the camera screen, and i have to blow on it!).

    Well about the first paragraph, you do have a good point, but sometimes I just want to upload one picture, not an entire album. ;)
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    Yes to Camera

    YES, i would like a camer that does video and still, and you would need the mic for the sound.

    Now to add one more item, gps and then the ipod would be a complete item for me. if it could take video and run gps it would be awesome.

    just my 2 cents :)

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    Exactly. I don't use FaceBook, but I've emailed pictures to family and friends from my partner's iPhone. You take a picture, and with a few taps, the email is on its way. To email a picture that's on your digital camera, you have to power on your computer, wait for it to boot up, connect the camera to your computer with a usb cable, or take the memory card out of your camera and insert into a slot on your computer, navigate through several layers of folders to find the picture you want to send, open up your email program.... how many steps was that?

    As I said before, the iPhone camera would never replace a stand-alone digital camera, especially if you want professional quality pictures, but it is good to be able to take and send spur-of-the-moment pictures just for fun.
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    As a writer, I would LOVE to have both a camera and microphone on the iPod Touch, just for taking notes, quick shots, while I'm out and about. It would be terrifically useful to me. My old Palm PDA quit on me a few months back and I've been holding out waiting to see what Apple was going to roll out this week. Ended up disappointed, bought a refurb 2nd gen yesterday. Still hoping, though...
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    Yeah, that's why dSLR lenses have lens caps, so things like that don't happen!

    And you should be able to pick and choose which photos you want to upload to your Mac. You don't have to upload all the photos from the camera at once, just find the ones you want.
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    no, because I don't need useless ****** cameras.

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