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Do you want clean teeth?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jethroted, Jun 4, 2003.

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    I recently purchased a Crest Spinbrush Pro, and it is the best toothbrush I have ever had! My teeth really do feel as clean as going to the dentist! I encourage everyone out there to get one of these things if you really want clean teeth. I am not an employee of Crest trying to pawn off my wears, but a sincere customer who tried it (because it was on sale for cheap) and fell in love with such a stupid thing. Who could get this crazy over a stupid toothbrush? I didn't think I could, but here I am. Go get one! I rate it 5 out of 5.
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    No, I despise clean teeth.

    The whole world should look like this:

    Well, I guess I do like clean teeth, but not those high tech toothbrushes. I had an ultrasonic toothbrush and it was such a hassle. A regular toothbrush does the job good enough, and isnt such a hassle.

    - scem0 [​IMG]
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    flossing is a good idea too...:rolleyes: :p
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    Braces require clean teeth...
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    Holy shizznit, the French Legion got their a** kicked by THOSE guys at Dien Bien Phu..? :eek:

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    yeah. unfortunately for the vietnamese, they weren't able to bite their french enemies, but thankfully, automatic rifles, bombs, and ground rockets don't require that you have clean teeth.

    i have never had the slightest hint of having a cavity, luckily, and i am pretty lax about it (brush 1, very occasionally 2 times a day). unfortunately, last summer i broke one of my teeth in half when i got run over by a horse that i fell off (luckily he freaking jumped over me [grazed my mouth] rather than putting his foot down on my head), so now i have to watch it, but it seems to be doing OK. i got it covered by some stuff that hardens when you expose it to UV or some other light, and am yet to get it capped.
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    Of course I want clean teeth. :) I have braces so they have to be extra clean. Never tried an electric toothbrush though.
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    I'm telling you, these things are great! Easy to use, and super clean feeling! :D
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    yeah I don't remember the Americans coming out on top of the Vietnam War either......

    as far as oral hygeine goes though, I brush and rinse, I probably don't floss as much as I should, I've been looking into one of those sonic care brushes but they are a little pricey.
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    Mr. Anderson

    As the Vice President of the National Flossing Council I floss regularly and everyone should. I keep floss handy at my office and even in my car.

    Visit one of my site www.flossing.org !:D

    (I did the original design and Armand is now doing more of the work)

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    Laslo Panaflex

    Re: Do you want clean teeth?

    You so work for Crest:D
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    I had braces when I was younger. Admit that I didn't brush my teeth diligently as directed. Didn't really visit a dentist often either. For the past 3 years I've been in a study at Forsyth Institute. The research is to investigate Peridontal Disease. Currently they provide a toothbrush and toothpaste. They provide an in depth dental cleaning every 6 months. I floss daily!
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    I like Oral-B personally and have found no better tooth brush then there CrossAction toothbrush. So when I saw they came out with a power Cross-Action I jumped on it. I tell you it's fantastic. In my oppionion the only thing that can beat an Oral-B is a better Oral-B.
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    I can see that you have not used an electric spin brush. If you had, then you would agree that no manual toothbrush can be better. Even if it's not a crest brand toothbrush. No one I have met, who has used a spin brush has gone back to using a manual one. I'm not counting those expensive ultra sonic ones or water picks. I have seen lot's of people go off those, but never a handheld spin brush. They are that good.

    By the way, Mr. Anderson, I went to your site, and now I get why your sig says "Help Spread 'Peace of Mouth'" Avoid a cavity search!
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    Hmm, you didn't read my post very well did ya. I said I just got the power Oral-B, power meaning battery powered.
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    oh sheesh :p i didn't know :eek:
    thats awesome!

    i had braces, they sucked sometimes but it was a real relief to get them off...but my teeth are starting to get kinda crooked again :p
    considering the fact that almost everyone i know is currently getting braces, it makes me feel good to stand out :D
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    Hate to burst your bubble but manual are just as good if not better when used correctly than power brushes. By the way I'll be a Dentist in 7 months so I kind of know what im talking about here. There is no need for powerbrush, I use a manual one with the proper technique. See your a consumer, and they are selling a product so to get your money they trick you with these commercials that you HAVE to use them.
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    this might sound skanky, but i brush my teeth every couple of days! [lol - funny type i just made 'i brush my teeth every couple of dcays] - i've NEVER had a single problem with my teeth, my dentist has always said that i look after them!!

    I do chew a LOT of gum though which could provide the explanation.

    [edit: removed the image - it was way too revolting[
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    Well some people are just lucky, and make it sugerless gum that does work. P.S. Don't get your hopes up with those teeth whiteners unless you plan to use them ALL the time.
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    According to my dentist, even gun that isn't sugarfree is ok because chewing produces saliva that helps it dissolve it or something. He was like some leading european researcher into chewing gum

    BTW - i never have and never will buy whitening toothpaste - its just a way for companies to dick you out of more money - how much more hi-tech can toothpaste get?! Besides, TipEx does the job just as well
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    I didn't say he was wrong, just that sugerless is better because of the lack or small amounts of sugar. And yes by chewing gum it makes you constantly produce saliva and that helps fight cavaties.
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    nah - i didn't think you did.

    chewing gum also increases the risk of stomach cancers, ulcers and various other nasty problems. Anyone know if its true that it takes 7 years to digest swallowed gum? I doubt it VERY much; if it were then i wouldn't be able to eat as my stomach would be close to bursting.
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    i would bet almost all of my money that that's not true. First off, food usually only stays in your stomach for an hour (longer if you eat more food, duh). Second, about 90% of digestion occurs in the small intestine; only proteins get digested in the stomach.
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    lol - jolly good, i thought it was something your mum tells you to stop you chewing gum when you're a kid!
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    übergeek, my teeth did the same thing because of my wisdom teeth! :(

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