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Do you wrap the cord when putting away your MagSafe Charger?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by M-5, Aug 1, 2009.


Do you wrap the cord around the prongs?

  1. Yes, I do.

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  2. No, I do not.

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  1. M-5
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    A few of you may not know, but the prongs on the power adapter are supposed to be used to wrap the cord around when you are putting it away. I'm curious to know if any of you actually do this. I'm afraid to do this because I fear that the cord will eventually get weak from being wrapped around and the part of the wire that connects to the actual power adapter might become loose. I'd like to know if someone has done this very frequently and hasn't experienced any problems.

    Example shown here:
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    I know about the prongs, and used to use them, but I stopped caring and usually just throw it into my bag if I take my computer anywhere. But once I get a sleeve for my MB I am not even going to be taking my power cord anywhere if it is just a short trip. :)
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    Yes, but I try to not bend the attachment to the wall plug in.
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    I wrap the cord loosely around my hand, leaving about four inches not wrapped, then I put the whole thing in a little gearbag of its own, which is fairly spacious, fairly rigid and doesn't let the thing move around (it's one of those smallish Waterfield gear bags, I forget which one), and then just toss it into the larger bag containing the sleeved computer and whatever else is making the trip.

    I do consider the thing vulnerable to fray there where it attaches, and do try to minimize stress on it.
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    I wrap it around the prongs and the way I look at it is, if it frays or whatnot, I always have applecare
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    Swiss Apple

    I have a young cat who loves to chew wires, so I always make sure its wrapped around the prongs.
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    Me too.

    I also wrap the cord. But I can see where your coming from. The cord is a little hard and sturdy at first at but then later it gets loose. Which worries me =/
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    It seems like wrapping the cord is the behavior Apple intends, so that is what I do. If it breaks I will get it replaced in one of their stores. If it catches fire I will get a lot of things replaced by Apple! :)
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    The trick here, as kellen said, is not to bend the attachment to the power brick. I made that mistake with my last laptop (a sony vaio) & ended up with live, unshielded wire sticking out after about a year and a half. It was because I threw that brick in and out of my backback every day while going to class, and usually wrapped it way too tight. If you leave a little slack sticking out on the brick then wrap it, it works much better.

    I bought a spare charger for my uMBP so that I dont always have to crawl behind my desk every day to get the charger and go to class. It'll probably be wrapped up in my backpack at all times, but ill be more careful with it :)
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    yes, I have wrapped it on every one of my mac laptops for the past two years. I just make sure i start it loose, wrap it tighter, then end loose.
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    I honestly don't believe that people don't know about the prongs, I'm pretty certain my MBP came with the cord wrapped around the prongs, so how anyone can see that, then unravel it, then not get it, I mean really??
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    I can honestly say I didn't know about it until like last week...and I don't usually wrap the cord. I actually don't tend to wrap the cord on anything.
  13. M-5
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    There are plenty of people who are not aware of this; many of my friends weren't. My MacBook Pro 13 inch, did not have the cord wrapped around the prongs. Neither did the MacBook I purchased two years ago.
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    I didn't know. :eek: Mine didn't come like that.
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    I did, until one of the prongs broke off. That has happened on every one of the four adaptors I've had. Now I do what LizKat does.

    To quote Bullwinkle, I don't know my own strength.
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    No, are American prongs really that flimsy? It would take an effort to bend the ones in the UK.

    My mistake i thought you were referring to the charging points. I usually just throw it in a bag, sometimes wrap it up.
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    After seeing the many reports of Magsafe Fires and realizing they almost always occur at one end of the cord I made the decision to NOT wrap it up.

    Wrapping it up contributes, or can, to the stress of the cable end at the brick. It is my belief after looking at several burned Magsafes that STRESS on the cable is a major contributing factor in the burned units.

    I roll it up, as well as the AC power side and it resides in a pocket of the computer bag, ALONE.
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    I have apple care.

    If treating the cord how apple tells me to causes it to break or catch fire then good. They best be giving me a new adapter/laptop if it breaks.

    I really don't understand why they don't just make the power adapter more robust.
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    yes it makes it all so much easier
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    I don't as I don't like the amount of strain and the angle on the cable that goes into the plug. I just coil it up now, and put it in my applesac case. Stores it nicely, securely and doesn't damage the cable or make it stay in the coidled shape.

    With my other adaptor, I just throw it in my bag as its the full length cable, where there isn't enough space on the prongs to wrap both sides around
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    just make sure the head is straight, as long as that's not bent then it won't detach inside.
    the cord gets loose because the rubber get's stretched, the insides are fine.
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    Mine didn't. The whole brick was wrapped in plastic, which means the prongs were too.
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    I coil it up and and just have a velcro cable strap on it to keep it together. I don't like the prongs, because you can't do an over/under coil with the cable and get it onto them, at least not that I've found.
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    i actually didn't know what the prongs were for when i first opened my laptop up.
    the first thing i thought of actually was maybe it's for hanging on your wall if you use the extension so your box isn't on the floor.
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    I wrap the cord if I am traveling but with my battery life length I haven't had a need to bring the cord with me. I make sure to wrap it loosely.

    Also, I bought my 17" uMBP one to two weeks ago and the cord was not wrapped around the prongs. I only discovered it when I was trying to detach the plug to attach the corded plug on.

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