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Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mscriv, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Fascinating. I have no idea how you don't get paranoid when this cat comes around.
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    Luckily, our cat has no such ability as she sleeps on our bed frequently. While I understand the doctor's interest is in the terminally ill, its a shame he doesn't pursue the issue of the cat's ability at least a little.
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    There was a House episode just like this!

    In House, he figures out that the cat is attracted to the warmth.

    The cat was sleeping on dying people who either a) had a fever or b) had a electric blanket for comfort.
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    See, this is why I don't have a cat. The damned thing would give me the heebie jeebies every time it looks at me funny. :p
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    We're all dying. I have a cat on me right now.
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    Anyone remember the name of the cat in The Smurfs? That's right Azrael...as in the Angel of Death Azrael.

    Damn cats-borgs are stealing our lives to add to their own. Eight lives ain't good enough for them. NOoooOOoOo. They gotta have nine.:rolleyes: Resistance is futile.
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    Oh, for god's sake. :rolleyes: Cats aren't evil or "grim reapers". I really get sick of people's irrational hatred of animals. You guys have the problem, not the cats.
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    Dammit Lee, you know better than to take anything I say seriously. :)
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    Lighten up Francis. :p Obviously Mousse's real name is Mouse, and just hiding from the cats.

    This particular cat's story is quite impressive, if only that ability could be understood and used to benefit the sick. Mind you I would ask to change the cat's name to 'Schrödinger'; out side of the box it's the cat who tells you if you'll live or die. :D
  10. JNB
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    and see how he takes to Stephen Hawking? ;)
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    Oi! Someone's wife been talking to my wife.:p Every time there's an argument, I hear: "Are you a man or a mouse? Squeak up!...blah blah blah.":D
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    I think so too. The cat is obviously just reacting to some sort of stimuli. It's not going around killing people.

    No, I don't. One thing I've learned is that everyone can surprise you. But thanks for the clarification.
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    This is a picture of the actual cat from the story.

    He sure is a cute bugger for being the harbinger of death. :D
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    Not unlike my cat but (just like my cat) he looks a little overweight.
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    Interesting story.

    Hey cat, scat. Get out of my room. Ha ha!
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    awe....what a cute kitty...........I'll SHOOT IT! if it gets close to me:D
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    Maybe the patients' passings do have something to do with the cat being around, rather than the reversed alternative.

    I know from experience that a cat's affection brings on a certain comfort and happiness. Perhaps people are more willing to slip away when they're comfortable, happy and have a warm, purring furball on their bed. ;)

    Just spitballing, of course. :D
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    Maybe the cat has some allegiant that people die from?

    Or maybe one of these?

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    I'd say it's something in the water here, but my cat avoids me. :(
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    hahaha I'll do the same!
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    Awesome LOLCAT :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Looks like he is on the lookout for his next victim ROFL :)

    Seriously though; our pets know more than we know at times. My "boy" Chewey (lab-chow mix) knew when his comfort was neeed... not surprising for this cat to take to those that are dying since he has been around it for so long.
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    He's accurately predicted 50 deaths. I'd be interested in the total number of deaths at the nursing home since he arrived. And has he curled up next to someone who didn't die that night? Are the patient's doors always open so he has ample opportunity? Do they ever find cat hairs on the deceased's mouth and nose? (Kidding about the last one.)

    I'm not doubting his ability but would like to know the details.
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    Aw I love cats. This story makes me miss my Dylan (Dylan is my all black cat).

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