Dodocase vs Quill The Case V1 vs Treegloo

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by pekklemon, Aug 17, 2010.

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    does anyone have any preference on either of these cases? I am finding a hard time to find reviews on the last two that focuses on the fit (loose/tight).

    We all know that dodocase can be a little loose but how about the other 2?

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    I got the same dilemma. But they all seems too thick, adds weight and wastes space
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    I just received a treegloo iPad case yesterday and like the look and functionality of it however when I bent the cover to stand the iPad the inner liner immediately ripped since its made of paper. I contacted them and they are willing to fix but wanted me to pay for shipping both ways! When I complained they said they would pay for it back to me but I think I need to pay for shipping to them.... Not real happy about this.

    Not sure if you can bend back the cover which means it can't stand. Not as useful to watch video in landscape mode if this is the case. Anyone know? It doesn't say on their website but I thought you can do this with a DoDo case.
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    Honestly they all have huge disadvantages long term - the frames warp, the corners come loose and packing them in a tavel bag can warp them. Plywod is just a bad media for frames. Period. How do I know?

    I own two P&Q's a treegloo, a two portenzos for my business...I have slowly started to replace them all with Zum +leather smartcover. If any one is better than the other, it's the P&Q.
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    @glen_e which of the problems that you listed end up affecting the P&Q? I'm guessing the corners eventually came loose? They use a pretty sturdy Baltic birch plywood with a decent number of plies. In terms of wood frame quality I think P&Q would be at the top of the list followed by Portenzo, and then DODOcase (no experience with treegloo).
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    The P&Q stayed pretty tight, one corner was a bit loose, but still suffered from warpage when I packed it...and I do not "jam" it into my carryalls...I simply do not believe that plywood is a good medium for holding the ipad in these type cases...If I was a lawyer and simply carrying it to court and back to my office and NEVER taking it out, every case except the portenzo would work for me...

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