Does anyone else think that the red, yellow, and green buttons will be smaller?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by natatos, Dec 27, 2010.

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    IDK maybe its just for Apples stuff but if you look at the current iTunes how the buttons are smaller and in the Mac App Store their about the same size. I can't tell from other images but if they are I'm going to be a little dissapointed, they just don't look as nice.
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    I quite like the vertical buttons, when Mac OSX was first introduced and they were talking about the buttons Jobs described them as being like a set of traffic lights, seems much more natural to have them how traffic lights are orientated.

    As for size, as long as they don't get any smaller I'm not too fussed, I still manage to click them with ease, so it's not a big deal.
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    I don't know about the stoplight - it seems like in iTunes, there is an excuse for the increased vertical height, with the music control buttons at the top as well. I'm not sure how they're going to justify that extra space in other programs.
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    I could definitely see Mac OS X Lion adopting the iTunes-style smaller buttons. However, I think the vertical layout will be the exception rather than the rule.
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    Right. They'll only use it where it makes sense, in one-window interface apps in which the title bar does nothing.
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    horizontal traffic lights exist
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    I am aware of that... But the majority are vertical.
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    actually in Canada, and specifically Alberta, 90% of traffic lights are horizontal :eek:

    maybe 10.7 will have different orientations depending on your location...
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    Haha, in an ideal world, yes, in reality, doubt it.
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    Unless they're planning on making the top tab of every program wider, the horizontal traffic lights will stay.
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    I'm going with touch icon interface, and then of course the obligatory hardware update required to accommodate said functionality.

    Although the one function I want over anything else is to bring back the active desktop of quicktime.

    It's years ago now and in my days of loyalty to windows.... (ack i just threw up in my mouth). I really want to be able to watch movies and shows as if they where my desktop wallpaper.

    It's ok for 27"imacs to not require such function, they have the real estate but If i'm using my macbook with external display 19" I'd be able to have the wallpaper on the external display running the video and still be able to move application screens back and forth between macbook and ext.

    I'm sure this isn't a difficult function to reintegrate into the code.
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    Active Desktop in Windows was one of the worst abominations. I'm fairly certain you can still get apps to play Quicktime on OS X.

    I do think that the buttons will actually get larger because touch is most definitely coming to OS X at some point and in some fashion in the next few years.
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    Mac OS X will never get touch. Nobody wants to move their arms around in front of their iMac. Steve Jobs has said this numerous times. At best, I could see them coming out with a "hybrid" MacBook Air which would fold the screen over to form an iPad form factor, and launch iOS.

    If you want to play QuickTime movies as your wallpaper, there are apps that do this. Screenwatcher is a free one.
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    Thanks, that's done the trick.

    Already have it installed an running

    It could possibly do with a function to the lock the aspect ratio but to write that sounds like criticism, which it is certainly not. Bliss... I have a proper wallpaper again.
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    Jobs has also said that no one wants to watch videos on a tiny screen or use a tablet device. He says what he says so that he doesn't show his poker hand. It's simple reverse psychology. It's pretty much assumed now that if he says something WON'T happen that Apple is definitely working on it. Make no mistake, it's going to happen. People LOVE the iPad, iPhone and how natural touch is.

    Besides, just check the excellent desktop/touch hybrid patent Apple has:

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    The standard system apps mostly have the wide top bar already.
    So Mail,iCal,Address Book, Safari, iChat and Preferences could all follow iTunes lead. Other non system apps should well have a choice or used to distinguish between apps that have full screen modes and those that don't. So for instanc All app would go full screen but the developer could opt out but would have to use the vertical lights.
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    They are smaller.
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    Never say never... People 40 years ago must have laughed their heads off at the idea that everyone will have their own phone number available 24/7 to them.
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    Won't happen in Safari. Where would the website title go?
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    I am aware of that patent. If Apple were to make such a Mac, in compact mode iOS would launch, and Mac OS X would go away.

    Mac OS X was never designed and never will be designed to use touch. There's a reason iOS exists.

    Edit: sorry for the double post.
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    Here you can see they are smaller.

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