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Does anyone have a Moshi Zefyr?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by xerikx, Dec 24, 2008.

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    I have one, but rarely use it... the fan is rather loud. I don't really recommend to use it while watching movies. I used it before to play games on my MBA.
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    If you have the current generation of the MBA, watching media should be fine and not rock out the fans that much.
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    Put two and two together and it'd be obvious why I'm asking this question ;)
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    What's the price on one of those things?

    Never mind, it's $75
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    but does it work...do the temps go down?
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    I have the rev A AND living in the tropics so I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I now have 3 notebook cooler... a brand-less one, a fan-less one, and the Zephyr. I ended up using the brand-less (usb powered) simply because the angle is more comfortable to work on.

    As for the Zephyr, for me, it helps only a little bit... it's difficult to get a full contact between the bottom of the notebook and the small area on the Zephyr which supposedly transfer the heat to the long metal strips, and the fan (albeit a small one).
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    Thanks for your post...:cool:
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    It'd be nice to find an external cooling solution that DOES work
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    I wanted a Zefyr, but somehow it doesn't seem to make sense when I have the invisibleSHIELD on my computer.
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    Well to be honest do you have a Rev a or a Rev b? Be nice if you mentioned that fact so people with the same product can give you advice. Rev A and Rev B running this will have different results.
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    I have an A since it's already been mentioned and well known that Bs run media fine
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    It wouldn't look *awful* if you had cut out the square for the contact point, would it? I realize now that it's applied that's probably not worthwhile to get a new one or whatever.

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