Does anyone have a novatel mifi 2372?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by bugout, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I just got one and there's no mac software on it, it's supposed to be built in. The windows software is on it, but nothing when I connect it to all my macs.

    Novatel has ZERO support.. and endless googling has come up with zip.
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    First: wrong forum

    Second: turn on your mifi(while not connect to your mac) and then type in in Safari.
    All your settings should be there.

    The mifi doesn't come with osx software and the setup software isn't required.
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    First off thanks.. I didn't know where to post it..

    I know about the web wizard, not an issue. It clearly states in the user manual there's the USB tethering software built in that should open up when you connect via USB on the mac. It's supposed to install the mobilink software that allows usb tethering which gives you access to other features such as SMS, which I need to activate my pre-paid data service overseas.

    When I connect it to a windows box the software is there. It's not there for the mac.
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    Hey there! I have the card and its easy as pie. you just push the power botton and it starts broadcasting a wifi signal. There is no software to install
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    Thanks.. See my post right above yours..
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    is novatel a celullar provider?
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    no. they make the mifi mobile hotspot
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    ok. do they work with at&t?
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    can i just take out my sim card out of the one usb one i have from at&t and use something like that?

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