Does anyone have an iPad Agenda by booq?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by WoodrowCall, Apr 1, 2011.

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    I just ordered one. Will see how it goes.

    Overall Booq is a great product. I have used their bags and total quality and they stand behind their product.
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    Great quality but the leather covers the bezel around the screen and i can't stand that.
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    Which one did you order, if you don't mind me asking? I am really liking the gray-green model, but the leather one looks nice also.
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    The gray/green is the way I went. I do like the leather one, but I was always drawn to the gray and not sure I want a leather or traditional look to it as the iPad is not really traditional (If that makes sense?)
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    I have the sand-plum version. They're all cut the same so it's not going to matter what color or fabric you get. My main complaint is all the corners of the ipad are exposed. It's not so much for protection as much as function. The ipad also tends to shift when opening so you need to nudge it back into the "holding area" It's a gorgeous case and I've always been happy with the quality and durability of Booq products. I have one of their backpacks for my lap tops and their viper sleeves are top notch. Just don't drop the folio... which with the exception of the Otterbox probably holds true for most if not all ipad cases.
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    Thanks for those details about the corners being exposed; I hadn't noticed that. I'm really torn between this and the Pad and Quill Octavo...can't make up my mind.
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    I am also planning on ordering one of the Portenzo cases. That style of case seems to offer a bit more protection. I used to carry an old school filofax agenda with me where ever I went so the booq folio fills that void. It also has a few pockets/slots for credit cards, id etc.
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    I'd order one of the portenzo cases, but the thread scared me away. I might look at again after they get their stock and shipping under control. I noticed that the booq is in stock...a rare find for any iPad 2 accessory now.
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    Yea, that thread is "a bit much"
    I got my booq on Tuesday. Depending on where you are you should have it within the week. I lucked out. They ship out of LA and that's where I am.
    My ipad left the house today for the first time and I will say I really enjoyed the case.
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    received the grey/green one today myself...

    i've got 2 other Booq bags, so i already knew how amazing quality their products are, and this one is not really any different.

    that said, i'm torn if this is what i want... i definitely want a folio style case, but i'm not sure if i'd prefer one that has stand options too? *shrug* :confused:

    i plan to give it a few days before I decide whether or not to keep it, but i'm happy to be done with the Smart Case ;)
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    I also found this place in the mall (clear-coat) that installs front and back clear protection. It's added protection (I'm less fearful about the exposed corners) and prevents the ipad from slipping out - which was an issue I was having each time I opened the case (as per my review).
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    liking mine quite a bit now after using it a week...

    i also don't get what is meant by the "exposed corners"? my corners are completely covered with this case?

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