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Does anyone know what time the iOS 7 beta will be released today?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Am3r1ca16, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I'm speechless by the way iOS 7 looks. Does anyone know when the iOS 7 betas will be available today?
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    within 15 minutes. keep refreshing.
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    It wasn't mentioned in the presentation. I would just keep an eye on the homepage here and I'm sure Twitter will blow up when it's released.
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    Soon, hopefully. They generally don't take long. The developer site currently isn't loading.
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    same hear
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    At 16:28:44 CST...lol really u need the exact time?
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    Still down for right now...
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    Is that the new OSX Mavericks you're using!?
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    The updated safari you have looks amazing
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    Funny... Used a server in our datacenter to load the page. Can't get it to load on any other connection.
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    It's reported up!
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    Downloading now
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    Yeah.. downloading.. go to member center and you will able to bypass that down screen.

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