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Does anyone knows if I can find a 256 GB SSD that fits on our computers?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jns2001, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Hi guys, I am going on a gig for a company that has some systems that runs on Windows, I only have 128 GB on my computer, and with a few movies, pictures, Bento, MS Office, and a few utilities I only have 44 GBs available, I am afraid that if I install Parallels and Windows this computer will have almost no space for future files. Any idea of how much Parallels and Windows will occupy in terms of disk size? Any ideas of how to streamline OSX in order to leave more space available. I have used the search function, but I haven't found too many answers there.

    TIA for anyone that replies to this message.

    Sorry guys, but I have a MBA rev C with 128 GB SSD.
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    No one can effectively answer your question or any question relating to hardware upgrades for a machine without the specifics of your machine. Rev A connections differ from Rev B & C MacBook Airs.

    Notwithstanding the lack of information, a 256GB ZIF2 SSD can be found on eBay and says it will fit a MacBook Air.
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    That might be true, I don't know much about the different MBA revisions.

    PS: Why have you gone through so many avatars lately, and has that dragon any cats to eat? I know some www pages where you mind find dragon friendly food - interested in pug meat?
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    Jessica, on my search, I believe that nobody paid to see if it works on the MBA's rev C.
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    The cat will be back as soon as the pieces as picked up.
    So what I can gather is that you have a MBAir rev C?
    I believe RunCore has only up to 128 GB there may be a limitation within the MBAir that will not allow you to use a 256GB or that you will be paying more than you want for it. You may need to invest in a portable external or use cloud storage.
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    Yeah, I just updated my initial post, newbie stuff...MBA rev C 128 GB SSD. On the cloud thing is there any services that you might know that is not too intrusive? I have a .mac account with 10GB of storage, would this be the easier way to expand the storage capacity? Any other recommendations?

    On the MBA limitation, I understand that it needs to have an interface called LIF and needs to be less than 5 mm of height, any other limitation that I should be aware of?

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    your welcome to hunt....

    but i can save you some time...runcore is the only company that designs decent replacements.

    i have hunted around for ages for a 256gb ssd...there is none but the crap that shows up on ebay and looks fake.

    if you find one...let me know...i want one badd.
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    The connection and size are the only two I recall off hand. Don't be a smartass about updating your original post because the keyword here is "update" as in, not present at time of answering. :cool: RunCore may be your only option at this time albeit I've seen enough reports about their crappy customer service that makes me nervous. If they hit the 256GB mark then they'd likely be one of the few if not the only one outside whatever Apple opts to use for the Airs.

    That said, .Mac is one, Amazon also has data storage at what I consider to be a good rate. You also aren't locked into a certain amount of storage, it's more flexible. Mozy is another like Amazon but I like the idea of Amazon being larger; Mozy has been around a while though so look into both. Short of getting your own site/host and storage that way or looking into a way to remote to a machine at home or a NAS server based elsewhere, I am not sure.
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    He didn't really sound like he was being a smartass to me.
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    I guess that the only alternative here is wait and see if Runcore can build one.:confused:

    Thanks for the cloud storage insights.
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    I wasn't. I even left a comment why I have updated the post.:eek:
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    another storage option

    "I have a .mac account with 10GB of storage, would this be the easier way to expand the storage capacity? Any other recommendations?"

    If you have a .Mac account, you can post the pictures in your gallery and take them off your Air. And I think you should have 20 GB of storage. That's what I have as my share of a family account.
    And since you have (I hate this name) MobileMe, you can use Back To My Mac. By using that and my Time Capsule, my little Rev A 64GB Air essentially has a 500 GB hard drive. Might that work for you?
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    I will give you guys the skinny on 256GB 5mm SSD Zif or Lif.

    The only 256GB 5mm drive that can be built at this time are with the JMicron 601 or 602 controller or the SMI controller. In the JMicron case the temp will be as high as 80 degrees during operation and in both cases the random read and write speeds are atrocious less than 1MB/sec in Crystal.

    We would be building a 256GB Pro IV but the controller is about 2 times the size of the SMI and JMicron controller not to mention we also have to make room for the cashe and our PCB designer cannot find a way to fit all of the flash on the PCB and stay within 5mm thickness.

    There still may be a future for it when 32GB Flash is in mass production. But my guess the price and availability is going to be outrageous.

    Matt Dawson
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    Hey Matt, thanks for the heads up, appreciated.
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    Unfortunately, probably outrageous like that $2000 one selling on ebay. I want more space bad, but not that bad.

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