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iPad mini Does Anyone Make A Leather iPad mini Smart Cover (Not a Case)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Ratboy, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I'm looking for a leather smart cover for the iPad mini (not a case that also covers the back). Does anyone make one?
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    There are some on etsy
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    This is a third party smart cover for the mini that I am using. It is excellent!

    Wisedeal Sleep Mode Activation Tri-Fold Protective Front Smart Cover Case for iPad Mini

    It has the aluminum hinge like the original full size smart cover, and it has a perfect fit.
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    Not leather. The OP is looking for a leather smart cover
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    It looks great and I am very tempted. I would really like one that folds so as to be able to prop up to type or watch movies. This is actually the first real leather smart cover I've seen after searching for five months. I'll bookmark and maybe buy. Especially the plain brown one with no detail on the front.


    If it weren't 50 bucks I'd try to modify. Why is leather so darn hard to find. The polyurethane models keep me from slipping the mini in a tight pocket.
    But THANK YOU for the link.
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    if your reason for wanting a leather cover is so it's more slippery, this solution might do the trick:
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    I ordered one

    It was cheap enough to order one is see if it will solve my woes. I did research it as much as I could, it's a fairly new product. Now my only concern is if the carbon fiber will stay on the smart cover with use i.e. slipping it in and out of a tight back pocket.
    Again – thank you for the link and the idea. Regards.
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    New for the mini perhaps, but saw them a year ago for the full size iPad
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    Check this folio case...


    I have the red one and LOVE it. Quality all around. Padded leather adds some bulk, but an elastic will hold all together. Smart cover, as well. Soft interior with hand-strap ... few have this. I was so impressed with this case I wrote a review on Amazon for it. All my others are in a box. This one is great.

    The only thing I miss is a keyboard, but there's a trade off with a keyboard case - you can't fold it back on itself for those times when you want to do some gaming. This case, too, had deep slots to hold the iPad Mini in place at various angles and works exceedingly well in my lap. One of the few.
  13. faster315, Mar 27, 2013
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    I'm the maker of those ones on etsy, so if you have any questions or requests, please let me know!

    I'd love to make covers that fold, but there are limitations. Chiefly, I don't have access to industrial adhesives. So, I could theoretically make a folding cover for you, but the adhesive that holds it together would break down over time and the whole cover would start to fall apart. Not a product I'd want to put my name on.
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    You do beautiful work. I work with leather myself but I make conceal carry holsters with much heavier leather. That is a different ball game all together.
    I plan to remain relentless in my search for a smart cover made of leather. If Apple can make one for the full-size iPad they (or someone) should be able to make one for the iPad Mini. I do have ever understand your reply and I appreciate the insight.
  15. faster315, Mar 27, 2013
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    Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open for better adhesives, and I think I'd need much thinner/finer leather even than what I'm using now. But, if I can make it happen, you'll be the first to know.
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    Applying 3 thin strips of leather to one of the Apple smart covers would be satisfactory I think. my only problem with the Apple Smart Cover is the feel of the polyurethane and the way it sticks to my pocket. But mainly the feel. Their Smart Cover is great for typing and viewing video, but I cannot abide with the feel. :(
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    Spamming your products that are unrelated to what the OP is asking about is decidedly UNCOOL.
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    Solved one problem

    Just an update, I solved the sticking problem with my cover. I purchased this and it has made my Smart Cover very usable.
    Carbon Fibre Series iPad Mini Smart Cover Skin Kit from ElementSkins
    It applied very easily and allows me to slide the mini in and out of my back pocket. It adhered well and those strips have shown no tendency of coming off.
    On another note, I've ordered a clear skin for the back. I hope it works as well as the skin kit for the cover does.
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    What kind of clear skin did you get? I know the Zagg ones tend to have some tack to them…
  21. ron7624, Apr 14, 2013
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    I am still hoping for an Apple smart cover made in leather. Have you made any progress in finding an adhesive that would work on their smart covers?
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    Truth is, the adhesive isn't the only limiting factor. If I had to cut and shape three very-specifically-measured "slats", AND place them very carefully within the leather to ensure magnet alignment, AND embed an additional twelve magnets for stand functionality…well, let's just say the resulting cost would be well over a hundred bucks for a cover.

    My current covers take me a couple hours per unit to make, and if I had to spend more time per cover like that, I'd honestly lose interest. Plus no one would buy them for the price I'd need to ask.

    You're not likely to find anyone but Apple making tri-fold smart covers in leather, because most people/companies aren't keen on stepping on too many of Apple's patents with a single product. Plus, the handmade ones are pretty much guaranteed to fall apart over time if they fold in three spots.

    Flip side is, I use a TwelveSouth compass stand, and it has suited my needs beautifully. One of my recent customers has an Apple smart cover that he folds up and sticks to MY cover to prop it up for typing :)
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    The Skinomi - Better than expected

    All interested...
    I applied the Skinomi TechSkin and couldn't be happier. I watched many install videos before trying and the install went smoothly.. I worked in a bathroom after letting the shower put off steam for a couple of minutes to get the dust out of the air. Although it took 8 hours to dry enough to use, it was worth it. After five days the skin was almost rock hard. I'll never use anything else on any device. Now, it is basically invisible. I don't know it is there and let's me use the iPad the way it was intended with no fear of scratching the paint job. It doesn't Interfere with any cases that I have or any holders that I use. (No I'm not getting paid to tout this product :) )
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    I get this smart cover for you. But it doesn't seem like leather.

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