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Does anyone think Apple will ever fix the fullscreen + multiple displays issue?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by zorinlynx, Sep 12, 2011.

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    10.7.2 is almost here and I've still not seen any sign Apple is fixing this. Has anyone else seen a sign that Apple might fix this glaring problem, or are they considering it a "feature" and not a bug?

    It's a bit unnerving because this is NOT the usual Apple way; they usually get things right. Ideally you'd be able to have one full screen app per monitor, or a full screen app on the secondary monitor while you work on other stuff on the primary.
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    I think they consider it a feature....its not really a bug...if it were a bug it wouldn't have any background, it would be black, or look like the desktop, they very intentionally gave the linen texture. Now on that note I really hope they address it! Because it is extremely annoying and basically renders full screen useless!
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    But full screen is just irritating* unless you are on a small laptop (with no 2nd display). I tried it in a few apps and it just isn't for me. Annoyingly, full screen in Aperture is messed up, so you have no non-clumsy way of going full screen now.

    On a 11" MBA, probably useful.

    *try writing a new email full screen in mail.app then try to refer to another message halfway through.
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    Try having enlarged windows instead? It's still the same workspace as Snow Leopard if anything.
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    What do you need full screen for? There is no need for it. Full screen stuff is strictly a Windows user hang up. I watch PC user a lot and almost all full screen their windows, why? I normally have about 10-15 windows open all day on twin 22" monitors, not once have I needed or wanted a full screen. It makes no sense, I design a website to be 1000px wide, then you open my site and expand to full screen, you have gained nothing because I limit the size to 1000px. So you are wasting screen real estate for nothing. By the way it is not a bug but a feature for better windows management.
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    It actually makes a lot of sense. It allows you to use all of your screen real estate for whatever you're doing. If you're juggling windows like you say, then absolutely, full screen is not for you, but you can't say it's completely useless.
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    what he said, you're working with web pages? Sure no benefit (unless you combine full screen with zoom level that fills to the display width..)

    working on a floor plan for an alarm map? I'd want it full screen; I need the room and I don't want unneccessary distractions when focused on that display

    but I'd also want the list of access zones that have to be incorporated into that map visible on a secondary display so that I can copy and paste their names over and check them off of my to do list.

    Likewise working on a PCB layout I'd want it full screen, with rough sketches n notes on secondary display and I'd want to be able to do rough checks of Gerber files its generating by viewing them on the secondary display without having to adjust the main PCB layout apps view.

    I'm sure there's all sorts of reasons above are just couple of mine.
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    For me Full-Screen offers the ability to maximize my view of a single app with limited need to scroll or with the distractions of other apps I'm not currently interested in.

    I happened to mention this "feature" of Lion to an Apple Store salesperson, and he agreed that this was a problem in Lion especially since it would decrease the sales of Apple monitors.

    I should note that I'm still using Snow Leopard with 2 monitors. Thus, I have the option of having an ordered grid of 9 spaces to organize my apps which is another thing Lion can't do. I also have the option of watching a video in Full-Screen mode on the 2nd monitor while I still work in the first monitor.

    Simply put, when it comes to Full-Screen mode, Spaces, and also Expose, Snow Leopard is the better OS.
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    I don't think they will ever fix it. As far as I know Apple is stopping all development and keeping bugs as they are because it is the new cool thing. Hope this helps *sarcasm intended*

    EDIT: sorry for being a jerk but you asked a dumb question lol
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    +1 spot on, full screen is only useful on a laptop screen, using it on a ACD or large monitor is just a waste of desktop.
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    Irritating or not, tried it or not, you are NOT forced to use it, so I do not get the bitching about it. Don't like it, don't use it, it isn't something you are forced to use. Personally, I love it, I love having the option of going full screen in its own desktop automatically, I love full screen for email and a few other apps and those apps where I do not need it, guess what....yep amazingly I do not go full screen.
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    Apple started with full screen apps back in snow leopard with iPhoto and iWork and the full screen worked properly. This is why I went back to SL. Now it's a good point that you can choose not to use fullscreen but it should also be a choice weather or not it blanks out the second monitor
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    Agreed. It should not be buggy.
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    I am using snow leopard at the moment. Today for example i was doing page layout In pages. I had iPhoto up and full screen on monitor 2 and pages on monitor 1 nice and easy workflow for me because I don't like the built in photo picker. Its so easy to drag and drop
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    Well, not quite, because going full-screen now has a rather clumsy transition, so doing something simple like viewing photos full screen in Aperture without any interface elements at all is irritatingly slow (and seemingly buggy at the moment - the interface slides around and gets spread over two desktops for me). Obviously Aperture works well on two displays but, under the current implementation, you couldn't work full screen in Aperture on your main, with other apps open on your secondary - a feature the OP laments.

    While you say I'm not forced to use full screen, that is how I like to review imported photos, so I kind of am.
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    You remind me of the Apple salesperson I ignored the other day. I try to maximize everything because (IMO) elements look better.

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