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Does Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display have a future?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Link: Does Apple’s 30-inch Cinema Display have a future?
    Description:: Many Mac pro users have anticipated an update to the 30-inch Cinema Display that would, among other things, include a built-in iSight. But the display—which doesn’t even merit a spot on the Apple site other than the online store itself—hasn’t been updated since 2004

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    I'd imagine an updated 27 inch ACD using the LPS monitor from the iMac might do? Not like they can build 30 inch LCDs yet.
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    Spanky Deluxe

    I think the 27" 2560x1440 LED display in Apple's consumer line signifies that a new replacement for the 30" ACD is in the pipeline. I wouldn't expect it to be 30" though. I'd expect it to be larger, probably at least 32" and with a resolution above 2560x1600. Probably something in the 16:9 ratio so at a minimum 2844x1600 maybe even 3072x1728.

    LED backlights have been around for a while in the consumer LCD TV market. There have even been 30" LED displays in the design field for a while now, e.g. the Samsung display.

    My gut feeling is that initially (i.e. when the 24" LED ACD was released), a 30" LED display would have cost far too much for it to be viable for Apple, so they put it on ice. Now things are pretty different. The fact that they can afford to sell an iMac with a 27" 2560x1440 LED backlit display for only $1699 and still make a substantial profit shows that they could easily make an LED version of the 30" screen now. However, I feel that they've now waited so long that 30" 2560x1600 just doesn't cut it anymore so they're focussing on an even larger and higher res device. My guess is that they're done designing it and are waiting for manufacturing costs to drop to a level Apple's happy with.
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    I think we will see an update to the ACD line. The 24" LED ACD will be removed and replaced with either a 21.5" or 27" model or maybe both. I think having both sizes would be a better choice for Apple they could offer one at a more reasonable price. Say $599 for the 21.5" and $999 for the 27"?
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    Well an interesting lineup would certainly be 21.5, 27 and 30+ with a new even higher resolution (ie. more then 2560x1600), up from the previous lineup of Cinemae displays: 20, 23, 30.
    BUT the 24" LED ACD kinda ruins that, doesn't it? Or Apple should have four displays in their lineup, which is not how they usually run things...

    A reasonably priced (!) 30+ inch would be a very interesting change from my current Dell 3008, which is not bad at all, with a bezel in dark brushed aluminum :)
    Maybe a 21:9 screen...or maybe not...just wishful thinking...
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    The 24" is still a pretty new display in the work of things. It replaced the 23" Cinema Display which used DVI port - they replaced it with the newer 24" Glossy display (same resolution) which uses MiniDisplayPort.

    I don't think Apple will release a 21.5" standalone LED display. I think the 24" will serve as the base standard, they will release a 27" and a 32" with the next revision of displays. All will be 16:9 and use minidisplay port and be LED backlit displays. The next revision of Mac Pro towers will all have minidisplay port standard, as with all other current Mac models.
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    Apple should release a gutted 21.5 iMac display as their low end that looks EXACTLY like their existing iMac. Most purchasers in that line would be happy with the look of the chin etc and which owner of a 21.5 iMac would not want an exact replica as a second matching monitor? now the real estate is huge and looks the same. I know a ton of people who would buy the 21.5 now and a second screen in 6 months once the money is saved up again.
    the other two options could be whatever case design they want imho but the base 21.5 should be iMac like.
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    I just don't see why anybody would want a tiny screen with their giant Mac Pro, in this age. The 21.5" size is like a major downgrade, it's like a wide 20"
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    They already do... http://www.apple.com/macpro/features/graphics.html
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    Back to add more to my answer -- yes, the 30" Cinema Display has a future. Maybe not in its current form. But a large size LCD/LED backlit display is likely to remain in the Apple lineup for the longhaul. Creative Pros still will need multiple displays with as much screen real estate as possible. Like I said, we might see a redesigned 32" 16:9 display take its place, but it will still be the same product niche served by the current 30" display. Huge with high resolution.

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