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Does everyones fans go full blast during HD video playback?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ahaxton, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Just wondering, mine does. Paused it and within a couple minutes back down to 2500rpm
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    I have seen several threads where people say under something intensive the fans seem to go haywire.

    OT, why is everyone trying to play HD movies on the air? It isn't an HD machine is it? Whats the advantage? Sorry for my naivete, but I just don't get why people are trying to play HD on it.
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    .The air should be able to handle 720 and 480 videos fine wo overheating. i wanna watch movies when i travel but if it overheats thats a problem.

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    Hm, ok, thanks. I am not hip to the whole HD thing... :)
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    The resolution of the LCD supports HD content :)

    Just wanted to know though if 6200rpm is ok during HD video playback.
    Core's are just fine though. It quickly goes back to 2500rpm also once I pause or stop playback.
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    Good news, my processor is cooler and fans are not blasting even when going crazy on torrent and playing a HD movie! all after doing a SMU reset.

    Recommend that you do a battery calibration if you haven't as well as a SMU reset if you have any HD movie issue or fan issue.
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    I was watching a DIVX moving from the air connected to my 50" plasma at 1280x720 and the fan kicked on full. Then after about 20 minutes the video started to get jerky and it looked like one of the cores shut down.

    I changed the position of the computer from flat (the normal way you would use it) to ass up so that the vents were pointing upward, and that appeared to solve the cooling problem.

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