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does firewire cable come with powermac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wormy, Feb 25, 2003.

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    just wondering if apple includes a firewire cable with a new power mac or if I need to buy one myself.
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    Good question. Every PMG4 I've purchased up throught the Quicksilver has a 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire cable. Now that's not a full Firewire cable of course. So I guess the answer is no.
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    thanks! actually I only need a 4 pin to 6 pin cable. any idea how long it is?
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    My MDD PowerMac did not come with any sort of FireWire cable.
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    Neither my Quicksilver nor my MDD came with a FireWire cable.
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    Nor did mine. And neither of my TiPBs came with one.

    Usually the peripherals (hard drive, camera, etc.) come with the cable.
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    So far all of the firewire peripherals I have bought have come with firewire cables.

    The only reasons I can think of why someone might need to buy a firewire cable are:
    1. Need a longer (or shorter) cable.
    2. Use a Mac in firewire target mode and they have no cables.
    3. replace a bad/damaged cable
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    My iMac CRT came with one, but now I've noticed that Apple no longer puts cables in for free, you have to pay $30 for one from Apple. Thats a really dumb idea to not provide cables any more because first time users like being to use iMovie out of the box!
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    Oh ok, I bought a Sony DVCAM deck and it didnt come with one. Guess I'll just order one from Apple before my computer gets here.
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    One more question, is the Firewire 400 I/O on the power mac 4 or 6 pin? Just want to make sure I get the right cable.
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    All Macs have 6 pin ports.
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    it is 6 on the computer.

    6pins= powered firewire
    4pins= unpowered cable
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    Don't buy one from Apple. Get a Belkin or other major name brand one you will pay half the price.
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    none of the macs come with them anymore, they used to. all the macs come with a modem wire but thats it. the powermacs come with a usb extension because they know people like to put their powermacs on the floor and the keyboard needs to reach if they dont have an apple monitor.

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    cat5 cable too ;)
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    No free FireWire cable with my TiBook 500. All I got was a modem cable.
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    I believe that now they no longer come with an extension cable for the usb either, now what ADC monitors have the handy USB ports on the back... which is really sad because the cable is so short.
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    If they don't come with the USB extension that would be a very recent thing. My Dual/GHz/DDR PowerMac I got in August came with one.
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    Well then, I must be wrong then, when I recently worked at a computer store they did not come with them, but I went back to college right when the MDD's started to ship. That could explain it.
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    Hmmm, I've heard from some Final Cut users that they've had problems with some non-Apple cables and their dv decks. I'm just gonna stick with Apple. $27 w/free shipping doesn't seem so bad after taking a trip tp Best Buy or Radioshack.
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    No need to deal with idiot clerks, no need to go and find out they don't have any.

    And the cables aren't really that much less expensive unless you go with a no-name cable. Which means you have no clue what you're really getting.
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    I got one with my iMac DV, but not with my iBook. I guess they included them in the iMac DV's probably because they were touting digital video at the time.
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    Love that "modem" wire. I have a hundred extra phone line cables (cat3, right?) lying around. Is the modem cable any different from those? :rolleyes:

    Why not just call it a "phone cord," or would it sound like less of a bargain if that's what they called it?:confused:

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