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Does Gumdrop Drop Series case for iPad 2 fit new iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by djc6, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I have a Gumdrop Drop series case for my iPad 2 - has anyone tried to see if it works with the new iPad?
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    I would like to know this because the new iPad one isn't available at amazon uk yet.
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    I didn't get any replies on their facebook wall either:


    How do i know they aren't packaging the same case and saying its for the new iPad? :)
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    Mine works with not fit issues
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    I would like to know as well as there is quite a wait for the new ipad version and the ipad 2 version is readily available.
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    Does the integrated screen protector it distort the screen at all?
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    very much so ... it isn't a long term solution. Though the screen is completely removable.
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    I have not tested the fit but I put the screen cover from the iPad 2 version over my iPad 3 and it interferes with the screen image pretty badly. It did not do this on the iPad 2 so hopefully they are changing the screen protector as well as the dimensions.
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    I just spoke with Gumdrop customer service and they confirmed there are no changes to the product except the packaging so the screen protector will give you that annoying grainy fuzzy look like the Otterbox does.
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    Does anyone know whats going on with Gumdrocases.com? They are located in California, but I made an order on the 3/18/2012 14:49PDT time and got the email reciept and on 3/19, saw a pending charge for $59.95 on my credit card and have not yet seen any Fedex tracking info. I've emailed them at their help email addy. I tried calling customer service today and got two automated messages, one about they are on holiday and the second about leave a message with spelled out named, order number or email help@gumdropcases.com and you should hear back from them in 48 hours. I've checked my yahoo.store url and seen no update for shipping info yet. I'm not getting much support back, and if its true thier ipad2 version fits the ipad3, I could have ordered the ipad2 version from Amazon and probably have gotten it faster. Thanks Gumdropcases, your not helping much except quickly to take my $$$. Free FedEx ground shipping code is FREESHIP

    Yesturday their website stated 3/19 Black/White Available, but next stock to be in 3/28..something.. Now today its:

    Black/Black is backordered until March 30th.

    I just wanted to know if my DropTech case made the order in time before they sold out over the 3/16 weekend and if it shipped?
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    They take about 24 hours to respond via phone or email. If you want it faster you should probably just cancel your order and buy the iPad 2 version from Amazon. The iPad 2 version is identical except for the words on the box. If you care about how the screen looks with the protector though you should not buy one at all until they re-engineer the screen protector.
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    I'm ok with the screen, it has to a good case for a 2 year old todler and for myself. I just got a gumdropcases.com email that my case shipped and I have a tracking number!! Yes!!! My wife has the Otterbox Defender for her ipad3, so the screen fuzzyness isn't that bad, she said she has gotten used to it. Kinda looks I sweated on the inside of the screen and on top of the ipads screen and then did a poor job wiping it off.
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    My military edition that I used for my iPad2 does not fit. I am unable to get the interior case to close. I sure hope they made some adjustments. Delivery via FedEx is scheduled for 3/26.
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    Gumdrop told me they did not make any changes - in fact they sent me an iPad 2 case when I ordered an iPad 3 case because there was no difference. It seems to fit just fine - there's just the issue with the screen protector causing grainy distortion.
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    On my iPad 2, the gumdrop case snaps closed, when I try on the "new" iPad, I am unable to get it anywhere near closing. I wonder if they changed production late2011/early2012?

    The grainy distortion is a disaster, I wonder if that is why they say the replacement screen is only for iPad2. http://www.gumdropcases.com/drop-series-ipad-2-replacement-screen.html

    Hopefully they have something in the works!
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    From Amazon reviews
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    mireille- I appreciate your assistance. I believe the edition I have must be different then the one being manufactured today. When disassembled my case has 4 pieces. The newer version, according to your attached Amazon review have only 2?

    "This model case comes in just two(2) pieces, with the screen protector integrated into the hard shell piece..."

    I totally agree it is a tight fit on my iPad2, I too like the other users have additional protection on my iPad in the case. I have a Power Support protector on the front with iCarbon skin on the back then placed in the Gumdrop.
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    ahh, yes, then that would be a problem if it were the older version that came in pieces (I believe it came with a hard shell outer cover for the back of the pad?).

    Yes, the current version only contains two pieces, the integrated screen protector in the front hard shell piece and the silicon cover for the back of the iPad. I do remember emailing about the recent version of the drop tech case for the iPad 2 and was told that the 2-piece version offered the same level of protection while removing some of the bulk of the 4-piece version.
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    I want to just use a PS screen protector and remove the built in screen piece of the gumdrop, does it have any gap between the inner plastic layer and the ipad screen? Can somebody who uses the gumdrop on the ipad 3 and took off the built-in one relate their observation?
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    Does the iPad 2 fit in the new Gumdro case intended for the iPad 3?

    Never mind, guess this should be posted as a new topic thread.

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