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iPhone Does iOS 7 still have iOS 6 features?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by snarestud940, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Hey developers, does iOS 7 have automatic brightness, as well as other stuff that iOS 6 already has?

    For instance, if you are texting a person who does not have a iMessage, is the message still in green? Or does it go to all blue now?

    Can you have a different wallpaper for the home screen, and for the lock screen?

    Can you still tap to post to Facebook like you could in the notification drop-down menu?

    Just some questions that I am curious about! Thank you for your time! Does anybody know if these exist still?
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    Yes, Yes, Yes, Beta 1 No
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    Facebook/twitter shortcut is no longer on the notification drop-down menu
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    Thanks so much! Think they will add that? I do like that.

    When you click share for a photo or video, is Facebook an option like in iOS 6? Or do you have to do it in the app?
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    It's still an option, along with twitter.
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    the way the notification bar has changed, i doubt it. but this is beta 1, so we can hope.

    Facebook is an option in the photo app, just like ios 6.
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    Sweet thank you! I don't see the microphone button in the messages app. Is that still there? So you can speak to text?

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