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Does iPhone 4S has features like the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hajime, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Can you make a phone call with one hand on the galaxy note. Can you use the note and scroll easily with with one hand.

    Will Samsung update the Galaxy Note to ice cream sandwich before the Democratic and Republican National conventions?

    Don't get me wrong. I like the Note. But there comes a time when a phone is just way too big for the masses.

    My galaxy nexus feels too long and I found myself having to use two hands many times. With the Note it's almost a two hand operation.

    It will appeal to some people. But it's not going to appeal to the masses because of its size.
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    I keep seeing this come up as an issue or potential dealbreaker, and I just don't get it.

    I ask with all sincerity (not trying to troll, flamebait or open up a can of worms): What's the obsession with being able to use a phone with one hand?
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    Not an obsession, but it is a convenience as far as I'm concerned
  5. hajime, Apr 18, 2012
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    I have a dumb phone and an iPod Touch. I usually carry a 17" MBP with me. I like to take HD photos and videos. When I need to drop down notes, I just write it on a piece of paper. This is a convenience way but sometimes I lose the papers. I want to get a smart phone that I can use in major countries in the world. Not sure if I can use the Galaxy Note as a phone as the 4G is not widely available worldwide.

    I found the size of the Galaxy Note a bit too large. However, I like to be able to write down notes and draw simple figures as if the device were a real notebook. So, if iPhone4S can do that, I probably go for it. Are there APPs that do the things I mentioned?

    Alternatively, if the Galaxy Note is of size between 3.5 and 4" and it can be used worldwide as a phone, that might be a good option. How is data sharing between the Note and the Mac?
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    I am a busy professional. If you are driving. Phone rings. It's an important call from one of my business partners. I gotta take the call and i hate the Bluetooth built in my car. I hate Bluetooth ear pieces as well

    It's hard to pick up phone with one hand while driving. It's a legit complaint. I lived with the gnex for 3 plus months also. And that phone was barely manageable with one hand.

    I like the Note. Not trolling. Just gets to the point where a phone is too big for the masses. Note has a niche market.
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    Good points. It's just something I'd ever thought about, I have really large hands (think Sasquatch big) so it has never been an issue for me.
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    Yes, the iPhone has apps that allow you to do that.

    However, I don't think you'll ever use a phone for that on any consistent basis, no matter which one you get. I thought I'd be writing hand notes a lot on my iPad too, so I bought one of those pens...and barely ever used it. It was so much more efficient to just type it, use dictation, or take a picture.

    Need a reminder of something a few hours from now? Use Siri.

    Need to copy down a drawing the boss made on the whiteboard during your meeting? Take a picture.

    Making a grocery list? Use Siri, or open a task app like Clear and type it in.

    Can't use Siri because it's a quiet environment? Typing is much faster than handwriting, and with the iPhone you can type with one hand while doing other things.

    Do you really need the flexibility of a piece of paper for your detailed notes? Put the notes down on paper, then take a picture :)

    Maybe if you gave a specific workflow you're thinking of, I'll chcange my recommendation, but it seems to me that drawing or taking hand written notes is simply less efficient, and will get old fast.
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    Well in your use case, a phone that requires you to use two hands to answer a call might just save a life or two eventually. After all, you might just hate not being able to steer enough to PULL OVER!
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    Two different devices marketed to two different types of people depending on their needs.

    I don't know if this is a trolling attempt or just curious or looking to switch. But the main thing the two devices have in common is you can make phone calls on them.
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    So you would rather run over nuns and school children and break the law while you're illegally using your hand to use your iphone while in the car?
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    Why are you asking?
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    You're assuming he/she lives in an area where it's illegal.

    You're assuming he/she lives in an area where there are nuns.

    You're assuming he/she drives in an area where there are school children.
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    Where do you live? I thought most places had outlawed talking on the phone while driving without some sort of hands free option.
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    You're assuming he isn't using speaker phone.
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    It's so funny to watch people get on their high horse and preach about stuff.

    Driving and talking on the phone is only as a 2nd offense. You have to be breaking the law already to get cited.

    Speeding isn't. Why don't we bitch at the op because he probably speeds too!!

    I've sped, littered, made a illegal lane change, drove with a tail light out. Which phone do you guys think is right for me?!?
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    In that case, whats the problem? It's likely in a cradle, on your lap, or on the car seat. Tap answer, tap speakerphone, done. What am I missing?

    (to avoid confusion, I agree the phone is just too big, so this isn't me fighting for the Note or anything, lol)
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    Don't ask me, I was mostly responding to the other post :)
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    I think that's what he was implying. Speaker phone is perfectly legal.
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    Sorry, but I wasn't preaching. It was a simple question. Most places have outlawed talking on the phone while driving. It was a simple question. I speed, roll through stops when nobody is around, and I occasionally talk on the phone as well when I drive. And I am happy to admit it. This guy seems to be talking about business calls. Rather than looking at it as a legal thing, we can look at it as a safety thing. Who hasn't seen a guy in a beamer that doesn't know WTF is going on around him because he has a phone plastered to his face taking a long call that just couldn't wait? Again, not high horse, just a simple question.


    Yes, but he said the phone (the Note) was too hard to answer. In all of those scenarios, it seems incredibly easy to me, ESPECIALLY when on speakerphone.
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    It looks like only 10 States + DC have outlawed driving while holding the phone, unless this site is out of date.


    But now we're getting way off topic :)
  24. -aggie-, Apr 18, 2012
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    I know. The OP has to know the iPhone doesn't have those features (Hello, the iPhone doesn't have an S-pen), yet he feels compelled to post this thread like it's something he's trying to find out.
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    It is outdated. Iowa isn't on there, which is where I currently reside (unfortunately). Sept 1 can't come close enough (more off topic).

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