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Does Mission Control Replace Expose as we Know It?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by someone28624, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if Mission Control is another option, in addition to Expose as we know it? Or does it replace it? I like Expose how it is now. I think Mission control has it's benefits, though, too, especially if you have many spaces filled.
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    Mission Control combines Dashboard, Expose, Spaces, and full-screen apps into one.
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    I hope it will be possible to deactivate Dashboard from Mission Control. I almost never use it, and I wouldn't like to see my Widgets activate when switching window.
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    But I'm wondering if it will be separate...if I'll still be able to press F9 or whatever and see my windows, without seeing Spaces and Dashboard and such.
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    Most likely not.
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    From the keynote... It looks like if you ONLY have a few windowed programs running it will behave very similarly to the current expose. Once you start using full screen apps (which automatically create a space for that app) then things start looking different.

    The major difference to expose is that it "stacks" similar apps. So all Safari windows are stacked together, and finder windows stacked together.....

    Mixing THAT with the new features introduced in the snow leopard expose.. I can only assume and guess that you can "expose" each stack and show the app windows separately........ (option+click like in snow leopard).

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