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Does my iPhone have a virus? Is that possible?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by lisaasil, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Last night, I was downloading some music from iTunes on my iPhone when a picture of two guys, one of them giving the finger, appear on my iTunes Music tab.

    Never seen anything like it before.

    Turned the phone off, then back on and it was gone.

    Did I contract a virus? Has my account been hacked?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No - there aren't any known viruses that infect iPhones in the same way that they can infect your Windows or Mac computer.

    Just out of interest, is your iPhone jailbroken? Jailbreaking your phone and not securing it properly can leave it compromised and, thus, open to attackers who use default root passwords, etc. to gain access. This is something you should consider and be aware of.

    If you are not Jailbroken, it's more likely that the iTunes app just went a bit screwy while trying to download/display album art. I'd keep an eye on it for the next few days. If other strange things occur, consider resetting your iPhone back to factory defaults in iTunes.


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    I always wondered the same thing, can the iPhone get a virus?
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    If he does this is there any way he can retain his SMS/Contacts? Because of course restoring from Backup would merely restore the virus assuming that there is one.
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    If you are not up to date on your iOS software(4.3.5 GSM or 4.2.10 CDMA), it is theoretically possible for someone to take control of your phone through various exploits, most of them vulnerabilities in Safari. Of course, there are other methods in which you could steal information from someone, like connecting to an unsecured WiFi, etc.
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    Oh no!

    Go into Settings on your iPhone.

    Then go to General.

    Then go to Restrictions.

    Scroll down to the section called Allowed Content.

    Select Music & Podcasts.

    Turn off Explicit.

    Then the virus will be gone.

    Other settings related to Allowed Content will get rid of other viruses.
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    Huh? You realise that's related to parental controls and not stopping viruses? :confused:
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    No, really?

    I was not aware of that.

    Disclaimer: This post may contain sarcasm.
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    As mentioned, there are no known viruses that infect iPhones. However, it is possible that your phone can get hacked. This likelihood is increased when if your iPhone is jailbroken.



    If the OP was syncing his contacts between his iPhone and computer, then yes these can simply be synced back to the phone once the restore has taken place. SMS messages will be lost.



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