Does new safari 5.0.4 works on Lion?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by saguakid, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Did anybody Download this? I don't think is even compatible but let me know if it works any better with Lion

    Never mind I tried to install but require 10.6
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    Sky Blue

    Lion's Safari is 5.1
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    At least 5.0.3 works (launched it from my SL partition).
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    Well I have 5.0.3 and works with many bugs like don't let add bookmarks and doesn't reopen last closed tabs completely
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    That's because it wasn't designed for Lion. Mac OS X Lion runs on Safari version 5.1 (something that isn't available on Snow Leopard).
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    Safari 5.1 on Lion for me is, without exaggeration, 4 times faster loading pages than 5.0.3 on SL. It's insanely fast loading anything from HTML5 to Flash content.

    It's not just snappier, it's in a different realm.
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    Its also the buggiest thing on the OS, it disables typing after a few minutes, doesnt want to load web pages some times, and everytime you skip around in a flash video it starts it as a new download without killing the old one meaning youll end up with a bunch of FLV's being downloaded at the same time killing your bandwidth and having your video stopped on sites that dont allow multiple connections.
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    I agree. While I love how fast it is, I keep having scrolling issues when there are multiple tabs open. I have to reload a tab in order to get scrolling to come back. Anyone having a similar issue?

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    i am finding that Safari 5.1 is almost unusable on Lion. It drops all internet connections and i have to use network preferences to reboot if you will just to get it use my wifi everytime.

    the bookmark bar doesn't work and on and on. im using chrome and its fast as heck on lion. too many bugs to use lion for everyday right now...
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    Which internet browser works with Lion then,cause I have all those bugs mentioned and I only use Safari,any suggestion?
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    i have the latest developer build of chrome and the latest build of firefox as well and they both work perfectly for me on lion...
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    That has nothing to do with Safari, it's the Wi-Fi changes Apple made in Lion (issue that will be fixed eventually).

    What do you mean the bookmark bar doesn't work?

    I'm using Chrome on Lion, just sucks that the new scrollbars and full screen options aren't there yet.

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