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Does the 2009 iMac with ATi Graphics use nVidia's Chipset?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by MacAndy74, May 23, 2009.

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    I was just wondering.

    All the iMac's we ordered at work are 24", 2.93GHz with GT130 - so obviously they are based on the nVidia chipset. But this made me wonder about the chipset used on the high end iMac's with ATi 4850 graphics processor. :confused:
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    i'm not sure, but just because there's an imac with the GT130, it doesn't mean it's using the nvdia chipset...

    I'm guessing if it did, Apple would allow you to switch between the 9400m and the GT130, but that would be pointless on a "desktop" computer anyway...

    I'd assume they only use Nvidia chipsets on their imacs with 9400ms, especially since nvidia chipsets are generally less stable than intel
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    I'm pretty sure the new iMac's at work with the GT130 have an nVidia chipset. I'll check on monday and post back, unless someone with a GT120 or GT130 based iMac can post their System Profiler. :eek:
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    ...it should be the nvidia chipset, just with the add-on GPU card attached...(pls correct me if I'm wrong)...
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    the gpu chip has nothing to do with the mainboard chipset, which is like you said a nvidia product. the ati gpu is a seperate card.
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    Well. Ok thanks then. I was just wondering.
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    it even has itegrated video from nvidia, 9400m, at least efi module and rom bios present for it in firmware.
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    I thought the North and South bridges were Apple's own? There may be a couple of Intel chips tied in for the CPU, but I thought that was about it?

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