Does the old 30 pins connector support USB3 in the future?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tuamtuem, Jun 20, 2012.

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    I've a plan to buy the lastest model iPod Classic. But I'm still thinking about the new connector that might come out with the new iPhone, and the upcoming Apple devices. I don't care about the new connector standard and of course the new iPad classic as well --', the only one thing I care is that Apple will sell the USB3-30 pins connector or not? Thinks about how fast it can perform with the 160 Gb of songs on the iPod classic. Does any of you guys know the fastest transfer rate that 30 pins connector support?
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    All current devices (Nano to iPads) don't support USB-3. In order to do this they must have USB-3 chips built in. It's unlikely that we will see USB-3 on the new 19 pin connector for a couple of generations. USB-3 is still new and the chips are large, expensive and power hungary compared to USB-2. Apple will wait a couple of chip generations for USB-3.
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    The hard drive in the Classic isn't capable of saturating a USB 2 connection, much less a USB 3 connection. The system is only as fast the slowest device in the chain. In this case, it's the drive and the drive controller chip, not the USB 2 chip. These drives are still PATA and the things just recently hit the 100 MBps limit (theoretical).
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    The typical reply of rationalizing in favour of the user whatever apple ommits... Please if you choose to reply to others do not misinform them. And may I ask where exactly you are pulling this info out of, that you so emphatically present as valid, true and correct.

    Not really for pretty much all of that, apple need to put usb 3 in there to get the speed of transfer up to modern levels.

    The 've only they 've not is that what with their pushing for thunderbolt they have delayed usb 3 on the macs for a very long time compared to the competition.

    It's not expensive at all esp. at the bulk that apple buys, the chips are not large the way you portray them to be, and as for power hungry

    from wiki
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    The current 6th gen iPad Classic was introduced in 2007.:eek: That in itself is proof enough. :D

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